2023 Research Forum Agenda

2023 Research Forum Agenda

Wednesday, July 12 AND Wednesday, July 19

1:00 to 4:30 PM Central time, hosted virtually

Session recordings are now available

Day One: July 12th, 1:00 to 4:30 PM Central time


1:00-1:55 Welcome and Session 1.1: User Experience & Outreach [Recording] 


Welcome and Opening Remarks


Reivisioning Archival Discovery: User-Centered Collaboration

Jennifer Fauxsmith and Heather Oswald (Harvard Library) [Abstract/Bios] [Slides]


Impact of Archival Processing Decisions and Procedures on User Experience: The Library of Congress’ Bronislava Nijinska Collection

Kaitlyn Morrill (University of Maryland) [Abstract/Bio] [Slides]


Centering Indigenous Perspectives in Library Collections: A Collaborative Approach to Cultural Humility

Rosalind Bucy, Kimberly Anderson, and Emily Boss (University of Nevada, Reno) [Abstract/Bios] [Slides]


Think Outside the Box: “Unboxing” Special Collections Materials Online

Phillip MacDonald and Taylor Wolford (North Carolina State University Libraries) [Abstract/Bios] [Slides] 

Session Q&A

1:55-2:25 Session 1.2: Posters (see below)  [Recording]


2:20-2:30 Poster Q&A

2:30-2:40 Break


2:40-3:40 Session 1.3: Looking Within: Archival Practice and Praxis [Recording] 


Emotions in the Archives

Cheryl Regehr and Wendy Duff (University of Toronto) [Abstract/Bios] [Slides]

Community Archives and the Cultural Trauma Process

Eric Hung (Music of Asian American Research Center and University of Maryland) [Abstract/Bio] [Slides]

Manuscripts and Archives at the University of California: Benchmarking Current Collections, Backlogs, and Processing Practices across Repositories

Laurel McPhee (UC San Diego), Audra Eagle Yun (UC Irvine), Kate Dundon (UC Santa Cruz), Courtney Dean (UCLA), and Elvia Arroyo-Ramirez (UC Irvine) [Abstract/Bios] [Slides] 

Email as a Record?!: A Creative Workflow to Build Institutional Support at a Small Liberal Arts College

Jessika Drmacich (Williams College) [Abstract/Bio] [Slides] 

User Centered Conferencing for the Future of the Archival Profession

Anne Marie Hamilton-Brehm (Southern Illinois University Carbondale) [Abstract/Bio] [Slides]

Archives is the new pink: A content analysis of national and regional archives conference presentation topics

Ashley Todd-Diaz and Alex H. Poole (Towson University and Drexel University) [Abstract/Bios[Slides]


Session Q&A

3:40-4:20 Session 1.4: Research Updates from Multiple Modalities and Disciplines   [Recording]


Promoting Transformative Encounters in Archives

Carli V. Lowe (San Jose State University) [Abstract/Bio] [Slides]

Making Your AV Accessible: Results of a Pilot Captioning Project

Joe Carrano, Jenn Morris, and Rachel Van Unen (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) [Abstract/Bios] [Slides]

End-User Research Findings from the Building a National Finding Aid Network Project

Chela Scott Weber (OCLC Research) [Abstract/Bio] [Slides] 

Research Update on “Reappraising Appraising the Records of Modern Science and Technology”: Scientists Speak about “Doing Science”

Jordon Steele (Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory), Bethany Anderson (University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign), Polina E. Ilieva (University of California, San Francisco) [Abstract/Bios] [Slides] 

Session Q&A


4:20-4:30  Closing Remarks 



Day Two: July 19th, 1:00 to 4:30 PM Central time


1:00-1:55 Welcome and Session 2.1: Ethical Stewardship, Maintenance, and Sustainability [Recording] 

Dublin Core's DCMIType ‘PhysicalObject’ and its use across the Open Language Archives Community

Hugh Paterson III (University of North Texas) [Abstract/Bio] [Slides]


“Repair, Repair, Repair”: The Role of the Archivist in Social, Reparative, and Restorative Justice at Academic Institutions

Caitlin Christian-Lamb (Louisiana State University and University of Maryland) [Abstract/Bio] [Slides]

Reparative Description of Slavery Era Finding Aids and Catalog Records: Centering Genealogists Who Research African American Family History

Nancy Kaiser and Nicka Sewell-Smith (University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill and independent professional genealogy) [Abstract/Bios] [Slides] 

One Step at a Time: Shrinking Our Carbon Footprint

Brigite Requeijo and Hillel Arnold (Rockefeller Archive Center) [Abstract/Bios] [Slides] 

DRAW (Data Rescue Archives and Weather Project Research on High Impact Weather Events using AI)

Gordon Burr (McGill University) [Abstract/Bio] [Slides] 

Session Q&A


1:55-2:25 Session 2.2 Posters (see below) [Recording]


2:25-2:40 Poster Q&A/Break


2:40-3:35 Session 2.3: Documentation as it relates to Ethical Stewardship, Maintenance, and Sustainability [Recording] 


Documenting Student-led Performances on the Texas A&M University Campus: Part 1-Queer Performance

Francesca Marini (Texas A&M University) [Abstract/Bio] [Slides]

In the Pursuit of Archival Accountability: Positioning Paradata as AI Processual Documentation

Patricia C. Franks (San Jose State University) [Abstract/Bio] [Slides] 


From Archives to Data: Creating a Research Database to Document the Black Women of the WCTU

Janet Olson (Frances Willard House Museum and WCTU Archives) [Abstract/Bio] [Slides] 


Web Archives as Records Management

Stefanie Caloia (Wayne State University) [Abstract/Bio] [Slides] 

Who Penned This? Unboxing Hybrids

Rebecca Hankins and Paula Allen (Texas A&M University) [Abstract/Bios] [Slides] 

Session Q&A


3:35-4:15 Session 2.4: Archival Mindsets & Theory: Impact and Results [Recording] 


Repository Staff Attitudes about the Value of Trustworthy Digital Repository Certification

Rebecca D. Frank (University of Tennessee) [Abstract/Bio] [Slides]


The impact of crowdsourced transcriptions from the Library of Congress

Lauren Algee and Abigail Shelton (Library of Congress) [Abstract/Bios] [Slides] 


Archival Workers Collective 2022 Survey Summary

Becky Briggs Becker (University of Missouri, Kansas City) [Abstract/Bio] [Slides] 


ATALM Members and Archives Survey Report

Danielle Davis and Diana E. Marsh (University of Maryland) [Abstract/Bios] [Slides] 


A Study of Corporate Archives: Archival Theory, Deadlines, and Metadata Creation

Chaun Winn (Heritage Werks) [Abstract/Bio] [Slides] 


Session Q&A


4:15-4:30 Closing Remarks


Posters for July 12th


Listed in order of presentation


Demosion, Origin of Democratic Archives in Ancient Athens

Yayoi Tsutsui (University of Tsukuba Archives) [Abstract/Bio] [Poster]


Strategies to safeguad and communicate records management - the case of Instituto dos Registos e Notariados

Sofia Santos (Instituo dos registos e do Notariado, I.P.) [Abstract/Bio] [Poster]


Celebrating diverse artists in archives: How GLAM institutions can work together to support DEI

Anne Marie Hamilton-Brehm, Aaron Lisec, and Wes Stoerger (Southern Illinois University, Carbondale) [Abstract/Bios]  [Poster]

Amplifying Black Voices in the AFL-CIO Civil Rights Department Records:  A Case Study in Content Appraisal for Digitization

Ben Blake (University of Maryland) [Abstract/Bio] [Poster] 


Developing The Sudanese Poetics/Literature Archives Whilst Conflict In Sudan

Israa Abbas [Abstract/Bio] [Poster] 


Who Do We Want to Hire? Archival Processing Positions in the 21st Century

Marcella Huggard (University of Kansas) [Abstract/Bio] [Poster] 


More than Remotely Possible: Flexible Work Arrangements for Inclusive Recruitment and Retention

Dana Reijerkerk and Kristen J. Nyitray (Stony Brook University) [Abstract/Bios] [Poster] 


A Menu for Menus: Organizing a Menu Collection

Sine Rofofsky (State University of New York, Schenectady) [Abstract/Bio] [Poster] 


From Pathfinder to Indigenized: An Assessment of LibGuides for Indigenous Studies by ARL Member Institutions

Kristen J. Nyitray and Dana Reijerkerk (Stony Brook University) [Abstract/Bios] [Poster] 




Posters for July 19th


Listed in order of presentation


State of the Collections: Measuring the Baseline Discoverability and Accessibility of The Huntington Library’s Archival Collections

Maggie Hughes (Huntington Library) [Abstract/Bio] [Poster]


Making Analog Video More Discoverable and Accessible

Joana Stillwell (Mid-Atlantic Regional Moving Image Archive (MARMIA)) [Abstract/Bio]  [Poster]

Considering Intersections Between Critical Data Literacies and Digitized Distinctive Collections

Angela Fritz (University of Iowa) [Abstract/Bio] [Poster] 


Use of Finding Aids and the London Free Press (LFP) Collection: A Preliminary Examination  

Lisa Lawlis and Anne Quirk (Western University) [Abstract/Bios] [Poster] 


Boosting Your Presence: Using Canva to Promote Academic Archives

Johnamarie Macias (Central Piedmont Community College) [Abstract/Bio] [Poster] 


A Rising Tide Lifts All Boats: Bringing Our Expertise to Enhance the Digital Collections Workflow

Megan Keller Young, Mingyan Li, Kate Flynn, Ian Collins [Abstract/Bios] [Poster] 


Taking Care of What Matters: Training the Next Generation of Archivists through Experiential Learning

Carrie P. Mastley (Mississippi State University) [Abstract/Bio] [Poster] 


Diplomatic-informed archival pedagogy: a new instructional framework for the archival classroom

Carly Dearborn (Ohio State University Libraries) [Abstract/Bio] [Poster] 


Post-Visit Surveys for In-Person and Virtual Classes

Sarah McLusky (University of Michigan) [Abstract/Bio] [Poster] 


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