2021 SAA Research Forum Agenda

2021 SAA Research Forum Agenda

Wednesday, July 21st AND Wednesday, July 28th

1:00 to 4:30 PM Central time, hosted virtually

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Day One: July 21st, 1:00 to 4:30 PM Central time

*starred presentations represent early research or preliminary results


1:00-1:30 Welcome and Session 1.1: Community Practice


Welcome and Opening Remarks [Slides]

CORDA Announcements [Slides]


*Digital Preservation Storage Criteria Standards: An Example of Community-based Good Practice

Sibyl Schaefer (UC San Diego) and Nance McGovern (MIT) [Abstract/Bios] [Slides]


Caring for Collections: Accessioning and Effective Archival Stewardship

Meaghan O'Riordan (Stuart A. Rose Manuscript, Archives & Rare Book Library) and Rosemary K. J. Davis (Beinecke Rare Book & Manuscript Library, Yale University) [Abstract/Bios] [Slides]


1:30-2:00 Session 1.2: Our Community


*Examining the Cost of Care on Archives Professionals

Jennifer I. Johnson (Cargill, Incorporated), Alexis Braun Marks (Eastern Michigan University), Rachael Dreyer (Pennsylvania State University) and Michelle Sweetser (Bowling Green State University) [Abstract/Bios] [Slides]


*The Care and Maintenance of Archival Innovation: The Lighting the Way Working Meetings as Incubator for a Sociotechnical Investigation of Archival Discovery and Delivery

M.A. Matienzo (Stanford University Libraries) [Abstract/Bio] [Slides]


*We Belong: Autoethnography & Oral Histories of First-Generation American Archivists

Jennifer Ho (California State University San Marcos) [Abstract/Bio] [Slides]


2:00-2:30 Session 1.3: Poster Session, Part One (see posters below)


2:30-3:00 Break


3:00-3:30 Session 1.4: Archival Practice


*Inclusive Histories Project: An Analysis of Georgia Archives

Chaun Campos (Georgia State University) [Abstract/Bio] [Slides]


Translating Archival Resources: A Pilot Study

Julie Judkins, Jaimi Parker, and Maia Knighton (all University of North Texas) [Abstract/Bios] [Slides]


*National Forum Grant Project: Exploring New Frontiers in 21st Century Archival Education

Jane Zhang (Catholic University of America) and Alex Poole (Drexel University) [Abstract/Bios] [Slides]


3:30-4:00 Session 1.5: Diversity Practice


*Describing Disability in Houghton Library's Theatre Collection

Annalisa Moretti (Harvard University) [Abstract/Bio] [Slides]


*LGBTQ+ Memory and Archives: Power, Community and Intersectionality in Difficult Times

Jordi Padilla-Delgado (SAA Student Member) [Abstract/Bio] [Slides]


4:00-4:30 Session 1.6: Collective Practice


*Developing and Maintaining Successful Archives and Special Collections Blogs

Francesca Marini, PhD (Texas A & M University) [Abstract/Bio] [Slides]


Who Searches Archives Online? Results From a User Survey from 12 State and Regional Archival Finding Aid Aggregators (NAFAN)

Lesley A. Langa, PhD (OCLC Research) and Chris Cyr, PhD (OCLC Research) [Abstract/Bios] [Slides]


Closing Remarks [Slides]


Day Two: July 28th, 1:00 to 4:30 PM Central time

*starred presentations represent early research or preliminary results


1:00-1:30 Welcome and Session 2.1: Our Identity


Welcome and Opening Remarks [Slides]


When is an archivist not an archivist? Exploring the impact of organizational factors on archivists’ professional identity

Ashley Todd-Diaz (Towson University), Kari Smith (MIT Libraries), and Nance McGovern (MIT Libraries) [Abstract/Bios] [Slides]


*Creating Wikipedia Pages for Underrepresented Archivists: Project Goals, Outcomes, and Next Steps

April Anderson-Zorn (Illinois State University, Rayfield Archives) and Stephanie Collier (Illinois State University alumna [Abstract/Bios] [Slides]


1:30-2:00 Session 2.2: Archival Methods


A Framework Enabling the Preservation of Electronic Records

Leslie Johnston (NARA) and Elizabeth England (NARA) [Abstract/Bios] [Slides]


*Preserving the Open Access Tracking Project

Erin Annis (University of Michigan) [Abstract/Bio] [Slides]


Disk image decision factors: Exploring the role of disk imaging in digital archives workflows

Shira Peltzman (UCLA), Lara Friedman-Shedlov (University of Minnesota), [Matthew] Farrell (Duke University), Brian Dietz (NC State University), and Lauren Work (University of Virginia) [Abstract/Bios] [Slides]



2:00-2:30 Session 2.3: Poster Session, Part Two (see posters below)


2:30-3:00 Break


3:00-3:30 Session 2.4: Collecting Challenges


Love Me Binders: Personal Information Collections for the Modern Soldier

Allan A. Martell, Edward Benoit, and Gillian Brownlee (all Louisiana State University) [Abstract/Bios] [Slides]


Preserving Podcasts: An Institutional Repository Pilot Project

Erik Moore (University of Minnesota) and Valerie Collins (University of Minnesota) [Abstract/Bios] [Slides]


3:30-4:00 Session 2.5: Description Innovation


Observing changes in EAD Tag Usage to Support Discovery, 2013-2021

Bruce Washburn (Principal Software Engineer, OCLC Research) and Merrilee Proffitt (Senior Manager, OCLC Research Library Partnership) [Abstract/Bios] [Slides]


Questioning Authority: An Analysis of Descriptive Fields in Authority Records

Katherine M. Wisser (School of Library and Information Science, Simmons University) [Abstract/Bio] [Slides]


Artifactual Pluralism: The Relationship Between Narrative and Artifactual Criticism

Robert B. Riter (The University of Alabama) [Abstract/Bio] [Slides]


4:00-4:30 Session 2.6: Pandemic Innovation


*Seeing Oneself to See Others: The Personal Archive Assignment

Abigail Nye (University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee) and Dr. Krista Grensavitch (University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee) [Abstract/Bios] [Slides]


*Virtual Reality Pivot: How Institutional Collaboration Allowed for Digitized Collections to be Exhibited During COVID-19

Phillip T. MacDonald (NC State University Libraries) [Abstract/Bio] [Slides]


Closing Remarks [Slides]



Posters for July 21

Listed alphabetically by title 


A Preliminary Analysis of National Endowment for the Humanities Funding Trends in Higher Education

Noah Lasley (University of Tennessee at Chattanooga) and Carolyn Runyon (University of Tennessee at Chattanooga) [Abstract/Bios] [Poster]


An Archives Curriculum for Liaison Librarians

Kimberly Anderson (University of Nevada, Reno) and Rayla Tokarz (University of Nevada, Reno) [Abstract/Bios] [Poster]


Beyond the Las Vegas Strip: Assessing Archival Diversity at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas

Tammi Kim, Sarah Jones, and Emily Lapworth (all University of Nevada, Las Vegas) [Abstract/Bios] [Poster]


Evaluation of archival centers of Tehran city based on archival health measures

Amir Reza Asnafi, Mohamaad Javad Morad Haseli, and Mohsen Hajizeinolabedini (all Shahid Beheshti University, Tehran) [Abstract/Bios] [Poster]


How to Create an Archival First-Aid Kit

Katy Sternberger, CA, DAS (Portsmouth Athenaeum) [Abstract/Bio] [Poster]


Medical Archives and their Complicated Pasts: An Exploratory Study on the Historical Connections of Medical Archives, Libraries and Racial Science

Raymond Pun (Hoover Institution Library & Archives) [Abstract/Bio] [Poster]


Pace Gallery's Research Library & Archives

Andrea Lynn Kutsenkow (Pace Gallery) and Ashley Levine (Artifex Press) [Abstract/Bios] [Poster]


Using Text Analysis to Inform Outreach Efforts

J. Gordon Daines III (Brigham Young University) and Cory Nimer (Brigham Young University) [Abstract/Bios] [Poster]


Where have all the collections gone?

Hugh Paterson III (unaffiliated collaborative researcher) [Abstract/Bio] [Poster]



Posters for July 28

Listed alphabetically by title 


Archives for Peace; Collaboration of Two Institutions in US and Japan

Yayoi Tsutsui (University of Tsukuba Archives) [Abstract/Bio] [Poster]


Beyond checking the EEO box: How well do our job postings reflect our commitment to diversity and cultural competency values?

Cyndi Shein (University of Nevada, Las Vegas), Helen Wong Smith (University of Hawai'i), and Dawn Schmitz (University of North Carolina, Charlotte) [Abstract/Bios] [Poster]


Computational Thinking and Archival Pedagogy: An Interim Report on the CT-LASER+ Project

Karen Gracy (School of Information, Kent State University), Richard Marciano (College of Information Studies, University of Maryland), Sarah Buchanan (School of Information Science and Learning Technologies, University of Missouri), and Joshua Kitchens (Archival Studies Program, Clayton State University) [Abstract/Bios] [Poster]


CRITLOD: critical archiving for linked open data

Jack O'Malley [Abstract/Bio] [Poster]


eLab-oration: Production Model and Workflow of a Digital Imaging Lab

Jeanie Pai (New York Public Library) and Sonny Smith (New York Public Library) [Abstract/Bios] [Poster]


Records at Play: Leveraging Exhibition for Public Engagement and Archival Literacy

Elizabeth Surles (Institute of Jazz Studies, Rutgers University Libraries) [Abstract/Bio] [Poster]


Searching for the best of both worlds: Understanding cases of “prioritizing the analog” by Chinese adults in a personal archiving context

Ruohua Han (School of Information Sciences, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign) [Abstract/Bio] [Poster]


Thinking like an Archivist: Supporting Qualitative Researchers in Long-Term Data Management

Shelby Long (University of Michigan) [Abstract/Bio] [Poster]


Tracking the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on archival workers with the Archival Workers Emergency Fund Organizing Committee

Lydia Tang (LYRASIS), Carady DeSimone, Bridget Malley, and Courtney Dean (UCLA) [Abstract/Bios] [Poster]





Archival Workers Emergency Fund Winter 2020 Survey Summary

Courtney Dean, Carady DeSimone, Bridget Malley (all UCLA), and Lydia Tang (LYRASIS) on behalf of the AWE Fund Organizing Committee [PDF] 

Digitization Equipment in Cultural Heritage Imaging Labs

Rebecca Baldwin, Marietta Davis, Jeanie Pai, and Sonny Smith (all New York Public Library) [PDF]

LGBTQ+ Memory and Archives: Power, Community and Intersectionality

Jordi Padilla-Delgado (SAA Student Member) [PDF]



Peer-Reviewed Papers


Developing and Maintaining Successful Special Collections and Archives Blogs

Francesca Marini, PhD (Texas A&M) [PDF]

Examining the Cost of Care on Archives Professionals

Alexis Braun Marks (Eastern Michigan University), Rachael Dreyer (Pennsylvania State University), Jennifer I. Johnson (Cargill, Inc.), and Michelle Sweetser (Bowling Green State University) [PDF]

Using Text Analysis to Inform Outreach Efforts

J. Gordon Daines III and Cory L. Nimer (both Brigham Young University) [PDF] 

Where Have all the Collections Gone? Analysis of OLAC Data Contributors' use of DCMIType 'Collection'

Hugh J. Paterson III [PDF]



Organizing Team


Carolyn Hank (U Tennessee Knoxville) – Program Committee

Nance McGovern (MIT) – Forum Co-chair/Co-founder, Program Committee Co-chair

Gabriela Redwine (Yale) – Program Committee

Kate Neptune (Harvard) – Forum Coordinator, Overall and Platforms

Kari Smith (MIT) – Program Committee and Forum Lead Organizer

Heather Soyka (Kent State) – Forum Co-chair, Program Committee Co-chair

Rebecca C. Thayer (George Mason University) – Forum Coordinator, Posters and Technical

Helen Tibbo (UNC Chapel Hill) – Forum Co-founder, Program Committee

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