Advertising Opportunities

SAA offers a variety of opportunities for you to inform archives professionals about your products and services—from reaching them throughout the year via advertising or direct mail marketing to meeting them face-to-face at the annual conference. Contact an SAA staff member to assist you with developing a marketing plan to achieve your goals! 

Following are some options for reaching your target audience through SAA or click here for SAA's Media Kit.

  • Archival Outlook reports on national and international news of relevance to the North American archives profession; provides practical information that readers can put to use right away; and updates SAA members on important association business and the work of its many special-interest groups. Circulation: 5,900. Published: Bimonthly.
  • American Archivist provides a forum for the North American archives profession to discuss trends and major issues in archival theory and practice. The digital-only journal includes research, essays on archival science, case studies, perspectives on professional issues, reviews of recently released books, and essays on international archival practice. It is published semi-annually on and receives 17,000+ page views per month.
  • In the Loop, a biweekly e-newsletter, provides members with updates on SAA activities—particularly Annual Meeting, workshop, publication, governance, advocacy, and career news items. Distributed every other Wednesday to 16,000-plus archivists, it is a resourceful tool to stay abreast of happenings within the Society.
  •, the go-to source for SAA's 6,000 members to get the most up-to-date information about the Society.
  • Mailing List of SAA Membersavailable for one-time rental, gives you direct access to your target audience—when it's convenient for you!
  • Archives and Information Technology Expo, held every August in conjunction with SAA's Annual Meeting, is the place for archives, records, and information management professionals to learn about your products and services, ask questions, and provide their perspectives. The Expo brings together—in one place and at one time—the purchasing decision makers at the national, state, and local levels. To enhance your presence in the Expo Hall, consider sponsoring a conference event or take-away item. We're happy to work with you to develop a sponsorship package that meets your marketing goals and budget.
  • Online Career Center provides employers with targeted exposure to qualified archives professionals who are actively seeking employment; broad exposure to allied professionals via integration with job aggregator sites like and Google Base; and access to SAA's resume database containing hundreds of searchable profiles.