Try5 is SAA's new initiative to encourage you to get ready for digital practice. (Technical inclusion is yet another aspect of our diversity and inclusion efforts.) We hope that you'll share examples of 5 things you've tried to enhance your technology skill set—and that your participation may inform and inspire all SAA members to get involved.

It is common for those who find technology uninteresting or daunting to avoid it—and, for those with skills, to lack the time and opportunity to share their expertise or continue to expand their skills. With the boon in born-digital records and services, we all benefit if more of us are experimenting and sharing our tales of triumphs and challenges as we broaden our skills.

Try5 is an opportunity to expand our skills in three steps:

1. Try 5 Technical Things: Identify and try 5 things that are new to you.

Examples: Sign up for social media, try a new tool, figure out how a machine works, install some kind of software, take a course on a new topic.

2. Share Your Experience: As you go, share your experience locally (via brown bag lunches or presentations) and online (using SAA's communication channels, including #try5saa!).

Example: Consider sharing your experience via The American Archivist Reviews Portal, which provides a space for reviews of software, tools, digital projects, services, websites, and resources. Your reviews will help others choose which new things to try themselves.

3. Help Someone Else: As you find people and resources to help with your 5 things, help at least one other person to do or understand something. Simply sharing what you chose, why, and what you learned can encourage someone else to Try5.

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Try5and let us hear from you!