Records Management Case Studies

SAA’s Records Management Section sponsors a peer-reviewed case study series that seeks to support the practical as well as the theoretical and scholarly aspects of the records and information management (RIM) profession. Suggested case study length is 2,500 to 5,000 words. Elements of the case study include:

  • introduction
  • background/prior relevant work/institutional context
  • challenge addressed
  • strategies and resources employed
  • analysis of successes and setbacks
  • future plans

Illustrations, including tables, charts, images, etc., are welcome and should be embedded in the Word document. Authors are responsible for understanding and following the principles that govern the “fair use” of quotations and illustrations and for obtaining written permission to publish, where necessary. Accuracy in citations is also the author’s responsibility.

A submission will not be considered if it is being reviewed by another publishing outlet at the same time, nor if it has been published previously. 

Submissions are accepted on a rolling basis. All members of the RIM community are welcome to submit case studies. Click here for the submission form. Submissions will be reviewed by two members of the Records Management Section and evaluated according to a rubric. The reviewers will send their analysis to the Chair of the Records Management Section within 3 weeks of receipt; the Chair will then review the feedback and make a publication recommendation to SAA’s Publications Editor. Within 5 weeks after submission, the case study author will be notified of the publication decision.

SAA will provide light copyediting and, in some instances, may also request minor revisions to be made by the author. The author will approve the final version. SAA will format the case study and post it on its website as a PDF. Copyright of the case study will remain with the author, and SAA will acknowledge that in the copyright line that will appear with the case study. Authors will consent, grant, and assign to SAA the right to publish and/or distribute all or any part of the case study throughout the world in electronic or any other medium. 

Any questions prior to submission can be sent to