2018 SAA Research Forum Agenda

2018 SAA Research Forum Agenda

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Washington 4, one level down from the Lobby Level

9:00- 9:30 AM: Opening and Session 1 - Framing Our Future


Welcome and Overview
Research Forum Program Committee [Slides]


The Formulation of Grand Challenges within AERI Scholarship, 2009-2017
Eliot Wilczek (The MITRE Corporation) [Abstract/Bio] [Slides]


Establishing a Solid Framework for Audiovisual Archiving Education: Current Developments and Future Prospects for the Development of AV Competencies
Karen F. Gracy (Kent State University) [Abstract/Bio] [Slides]


9:30-10:00 AM: Session 2 - Understanding the Landscape


National Archives—Preserving the Past, Reflecting the Present, and Planning for the Future

Patricia C. Franks (San Jose State University) [Abstract/Bio] [Slides]


Archivist as “Legal Eagle”: Examining State Law and Access and Privacy Protocols for Institutional Records

Phyllis Reske (University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee) [Abstract/Bio] [Slides]


Out of the Archives: Speculations on Surfacing Lesser-Known Women’s Archives
Audra Eagle Yun (University of California, Irvine), Antoinette LaFarge (University of California, Irvine), Maya Gurantz (University of California, Santa Barbara) [Abstract/Bios] [Slides]


10:00-10:30 AM: Break


10:30-11:00 AM: Session 3 - Traversing Domains


It Takes a Village: An Interdisciplinary Collaboration to Explore Sustainable Preventive Conservation Strategies for Special Collections and Archives

Sarah Keen (Colgate University) [Abstract/Bio] [Slides]


Better together: Effective Partnerships for Libraries, Archives, and Museums
Jennifer Gunter King (Hampshire College), Merrilee Proffitt (OCLC Research) [Abstract/Bios] [Slides]


Empowered to Collaborate, or Challenged by Imbalanced Power: the Impact of Archives Existing in Libraries
Ashley Todd-Diaz (Towson University) [Abstract/Bio] [Slides]


11:00-11:30 AM: Session 4 - Lightning Talks: Part 1


Wicked Wiki: Recognizing the Value of Wikipedia as a Resource
Samantha Dodd (University of Texas at Arlington) [Abstract/Bio] [Slides]


There and Back Again: Archivists Retracing Paths of University Teaching Collections
Sarah Buchanan (University of Missouri) [Abstract/Bio] [Slides]


Stakeholder Interviews and Academic Collections: Expanding the Audience for University Holdings

Kristen Iemma (Brown University), Maddie Mott (Brown University), Julia Renaud (Brown University), Nicole Sintetos (Brown University) [Abstract/Bios] [Slides]

Strength in Numbers - Collective Advocacy in Demonstrating Archival Impact
Amanda Pellerin (Georgia Institute of Technology), Tamara Livingston (Kennesaw State University) [Abstract/Bios] [Slides]


Should the American People Pay to Warehouse Consumer Goods? Re-examining the Research Value of Constituent Gifts to the U.S. President and Vice President
Eric Carlos Stoykovich (University of Maryland) [Abstract/Bio] [Slides]


Good Enough Practice? Providing Access to Unprocessed Archival Materials
Leslie Thomas-Smith (Western University Archives) [Abstract/Bio] [Slides]


11:30 AM-Noon: Session 5 - Advancing Digital Practice


Should Archivists Care About Securing Digital Collections? 
Devan Ray Donaldson (
Indiana University Bloomington), Laura Bell (University of Baltimore) [Abstract/Bios] [Slides]


Building Best Practice for Access to Born-Digital Records
Alston Cobourn (Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi), Jess Farrell (Harvard Law School Library), Ashley Taylor (University of Pittsburgh) [Abstract/Bios] [Slides]


Getting into the OSSArcFlow
Sam Meister (Educopia Institute) [Abstract/Bio] [Slides]


Noon-1:00 PM: Lunch


1:00-1:30 PM: Session 6 - Advancing Community Methods


All Over the Map: Building a Comprehensive Database of US Archival Repositories
Eira Tansey (University of Cincinnati), Ben Goldman (Penn State University) [Abstract/Bio] [Slides]


Developing Methods to Address Systemic Collection Bias

Dakota Cotton (Athens State University), Laken Smith (Athens State University) [Abstract/Bios] [Slides]


A Supervised Machine Learning Approach to Arrangement and Description

Jennifer Stevenson (The Pennsylvania State University and Defense Threat Reduction Agency) [Abstract/Bio] [Slides]


1:30-2:30 PM: Posters and Demonstrations Session (see list of posters below)


2:30-3:00 PM: Break (and extra time for posters and demonstrations)


3:00-3:30 PM: Session 7 - Collaboration at Work


Building for Tomorrow: Collaborative Development of Sustainable Infrastructure for Architectural and Design Documentation
Ann Whiteside (Harvard University Graduate School of Design) [Abstract/Bio] [Slides]


Modeling Collaboration: A Case Study in Joint Stewardship

Shelley Hayreh (Columbia University), Pamela Casey (Columbia University), Jennifer Gray (Columbia University) [Abstract/Bios] [Slides]


The Indigenous Digital Archive: Effective Access to and Collaboration with Mass Digitized Historic Documents

Anna Naruta-Moya (University of New Mexico) [Abstract/Bio] [Slides]


3:30-4:00 PM: Session 8 - Lightning Talks: Part 2


Bringing Archival Description and Digital Objects Together with Drupal

Seth Shaw (University of Nevada, Las Vegas) [Abstract/Bio] [Slides]


Collaborating to Catalog: Addressing a Digital Backlog

Jesse Johnston (Library of Congress), Grace Thomas (Library of Congress) [Abstract/Bios] [Slides]


Appraising and Processing Email with ePADD 5

Josh Schneider (Stanford University) [Abstract/Bio] [Slides]


BitCurator NLP: Natural Language Processing for Archivists

Christopher (Cal) Lee (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill) [Abstract/Bio] [Slides]

4:00-4:30 PM: Session 9 - Collections and Community


Genre Theory and Evolution of Records and Recordkeeping in the United States

Jane Zhang (Catholic University of America) [Abstract/Bio] [Slides]


Early Manuscript Collecting in Business, Industry, and Technology

Erik Nordberg (Walter P. Reuther Library of Labor and Urban Affairs) [Abstract/Bio] [Slides]


Speaking of Africatown: a Case Study in Art, Conversation, and Community

Deborah Gurt (University of South Alabama) [Abstract/Bio] [Slides]

4:30-5:00 PM: Session 10 and Closing


Deeds of Gift as a Tool to Facilitate Born Digital File Processing and Preservation

Jody Thompson (Georgia Institute of Technology) [Abstract/Bio] [Slides]


Consolidating the Preservation, Description, Discovery, and Access of Digital Archives

Chris Prom (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign), Kyle Rimkus (University of Illinois at
, Bethany Anderson (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign) [Abstract/Bio] [Slides]


Closing: Looking Ahead
Research Forum Program Committee [Slides]




 (in alphabetical order)

Academic Special Collections and the Myths of Copyright

Dana Miller (Oregon Historical Society), Teresa Schultz (UNR Libraries) [Abstract/Bios] [Poster]


Analysis of Topic Trends in the Research Field of Digital Preservation

Soohyung Joo (University of Kentucky) [Abstract/Bio] [Poster]


Ancient Archives on the Web: Greco-Roman and Japanese Ancient Archives on the Web

Yayoi Tsutsui (Hitotsubashi University) [Abstract/Bio] [Poster]


Building for Tomorrow: Collaborative Development of Sustainable Infrastructure for Architectural and Design Documentation

Ann Whiteside (Harvard University Graduate School of Design) [Abstract/Bio] [Poster]


BWF and XMP and ID3 - Oh My! Building Practical Software for Digital Audio Metadata

Michael Andrec (Ukrainian History and Education Center) [Abstract/Bio] [Poster]


“Can I Really Touch It?” Antiquities in the Hands of History Undergraduates

Kathryn Wright (Mercer University), Kristen Bailey (Mercer University) [Abstract/Bio] [Poster]


CLIR’s Cataloging Hidden Special Collections and Archives Program: A Retrospective Assessment

Joy Banks (Council on Library and Information Resources/CLIR) [Abstract/Bio] [Poster]


Collaboration in the Courthouse Archives: Building a Digital Archive of Legal Records that Illuminate Local Stories of Displacement

Kevin Hegg (James Madison University Libraries) [Abstract/Bio] [Poster]


Creative Collaboration for Collection Building: University of Tennessee’s Special Collections and Center for the Study of War and Society

Laura Romans (University of Tennessee Libraries) [Abstract/Bio] [Poster]


Designing Educational Initiatives for the Music of Asian America Research Center

Eric Hung (Music of Asian America Research Center) [Abstract/Bio] [Poster]


Developing an Online Digital Repository for a Campus Archives

Mary Weppler-Van Diver (San Joaquin Delta College) [Abstract/Bio] [Poster]


Dissecting the Norm: Research and the Modern Illustrated Periodical

Andrea Degener (Washington University, St. Louis), Skye Lacerte (Washington University, St. Louis) [Abstract/Bios] [Poster]


Evaluation Criteria and Measures for Digital Preservation Practice

Soohyung Joo (University of Kentucky), Iris Xie (University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee), Krystyna Matusiak (University of Denver) [Abstract/Bios] [Poster]


From Personal Memory to National Archival Resource: a Case Study on Shenyang Family Archives

Tianjiao Qi (Renmin University of China) [Abstract/Bio] [Poster]


Information Source Horizon for Personal Archiving Practices: An Empirical Study with College Students

Donghee Sinn (University at Albany), Sujin Kim (University of Kentucky), Sue Yeon Syn (Catholic University of America) [Abstract/Bios] [Poster]


National Digital Stewardship Alliance Reboot of the Levels of Preservation

Helen R. Tibbo (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill) [Abstract/Bio] [Poster]


Opening Up Audiovisual Archives Education: The Public Broadcasting Preservation Fellowship

Sarah Buchanan (University of Missouri) and Virginia Angles, Rebecca Benson, Evelyn Cox, Riley Griffin, Laura Haygood, Eric Saxon, Dena Schulze, Steve Wilcer, Tanya Yule (Public Broadcasting Preservation Fellows) [Abstract/Bios] [Poster]


Picturing 1930s St. Louis: Photo Studio Collections Through the Lens of the Sievers Studio Project

Lauren Sallwasser (Missouri Historical Society) [Abstract/Bio] [Poster]


Pulling Together: Corporate Archives and Public Relations

Jennifer Davis McDaid (Norfolk Southern Corporation) [Abstract/Bio] [Poster]


Rare Book MARC Data as University Archives: New Directions for Special Collections Collaboration

Jennifer King (The George Washington University), Leah Richardson (The George Washington University), Dolsy Smith (The George Washington University) [Abstract/Bios] [Poster]


Reaching the Archival Profession: Publishing in American Archivist

Christopher (Cal) Lee (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill) [Abstract/Bio] [Poster]


Records in Motion: An Open, Standards-Based Approach to Digital Records Transfers

Hannah Sistrunk (Rockefeller Archive Center), Hillel Arnold (Rockefeller Archive Center) [Abstract/Bios] [Poster]


Sharing More Than Space: The Outcomes of Merging Museum and Archival Practices at Seton Hall University

Amanda Mita (Seton Hall University) [Abstract/Bio] [Poster]


Storm King Art Center’s Archival Landscape: Creating Collective Space for the Site-Specific

Christine Persche (Storm King Art Center), Sarah Dziedzic (Storm King Art Center) [Abstract/Bios] [Poster]


TimeMapping a Library of Congress Collection: “Camilo José Vergara Photographs-Tracking Time to Document America's Post-Industrial Cities”

 Ariel Segal (Library of Congress) [Abstract/Bio] [Poster]


Peer-Reviewed Research Papers

Speaking of Africatown: A Case Study in Community-University Partnership in Archiving

Deborah Gurt (University of South Alabama) [PDF] 


Deeds of Gift as a Tool to Facilitate Born Digital Design File Processing and Preservation

Aliza Leventhal (Sasaki Associates), Laura Schroffel (Getty Research Institute), Jody Thompson (Georgia Institute of Technology) [PDF]


Creative Collaboration for Collection Building: University of Tennessee's Special Collections and Center for the Study of War and Society

Laura Romans (University of Tennessee) [PDF]


TimeMapping a Library of Congress Collection: "Camillo José Vergara Photographs -- Tracking Time to Document America's Post-Industrial Cities"

Ariel Segal (Library of Congress) [PDF]


Research Papers


Building Best Practice for Access to Born-Digital Records

Alston Cobourn (East Carolina University), Ashley Taylor (University of Pittsburgh) [PDF]


Developing Methods to Address Systemic Collection Bias

Dakota Cotton (Athens State University), Laken Smith (University of Alabama) [PDF]


Compiling the International Directory of National Archives: A Collaborative Effort

Patricia C. Franks (San José State University) [PDF]


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