SAA’s mission is to promote the value and diversity of archives and archivists and their vital work in preserving records of enduring value. To that end, it advocates on behalf of members and their institutions to various audiences, including policymakers, resource allocators, and the general public.

Because SAA’s resources are finite, the organization calls on its members to join in national efforts and to advocate at the local level to broaden the profession’s collective voice. As Margaret Mead said, “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed it’s the only thing that ever has.”

SAA’s advocacy efforts are directed to three principal audiences:

  • We target policymakers for important messages on archives- and records-related public policy.
  • We work to raise general public awareness of the importance of archives--and the important work of archivists.
  • And we provide resources for members to enhance advocacy within their own organizations with key decision makers, colleagues, and others.

In each of these areas, SAA provides tools, tips, and ideas for members to put to work.

The following SAA appointed groups are integral to our advocacy efforts: 

The Committee on Public Policy (COPP) recommends to the SAA Council the public policy priorities on which SAA should focus its attention and resources. Its priorities are issues related to preservation of and access to records of enduring value. For more information and perspectives, see the Committee’s microsite

SAA's Committee on Public Awareness (COPA) advises the SAA Council on ways in which to promote the value of archives and archivists to institutions, communities, and society. The Committee works with staff and outside counsel to develop public awareness programs. For more information and perspectives, see the COPA microsite and the ArchivesAWARE! blog.