Webex Meeting Guide

As you prepare to host your upcoming SAA component group virtual meeting prior to the Annual Meeting, please review the following tips for managing Webex most effectively! Note that the SAA Webex account has a Webex Meeting license only.

  • Component group leaders and speakers should plan to join the Webex meeting 10 minutes early to make sure all settings and permissions are adjusted appropriately. (If anyone plans to screen share, make sure to test that ahead of time!)
  • Designate all speakers and organizers “co-hosts” so they have stronger control of their Webex settings through the meeting.
  • Use breakout sessions during meetings for when you want participants to interact with each other in smaller scale groups. 
  • Turn on automated closed captions to make your meetings and webinars more accessible. As people speak, what they say appears above the meeting or webinar controls.
  • For those recording the meeting (host), make sure to click “Record” as your meeting begins. Have Webex record “to the Cloud." Staff will not edit the recording before posting to the SAA website for free, on-demand access. Staff will download and prepare your recording (including embedded captions).  
  • To use polls in your meeting, turn polling on in Advanced Options > Scheduling Options > Meeting Options.
  • Tips from members: Restarting your modem and computer can help refresh the bandwidth. Closing all applications and doing a restart also helps with streaming. You might want to consider using an ethernet cable and not Wifi if your connection is not strong.

For all other questions, the Webex Help Center has many articles and how-to videos to answer any other questions.