Public Policy

Because archival records ensure the protection of citizens’ rights, the accountability of organizations and governments, and the accessibility of historical information, SAA believes that the archives profession must take an active role in advocating for the public policies and resources necessary to ensure that these records are preserved and made accessible.

SAA’s Public Policy Agenda identifies a limited set of broad priorities that serves to guide our advocacy efforts in the public policy and legislative arenas. Requests for SAA’s commitment to a specific advocacy issue are more vigorously pursued if that issue fits within these priorities.

The 2019-2020 Legislative Agenda and Action Plan identifies priorities for this year. Issue briefs within the Legislative Agenda provide a summary of the issue and SAA’s position on it. (Download an issue brief and use it in your advocacy efforts!)

In addition SAA may issue statements, letters, or other communications on public policy matters. See a complete list of Position Statements and Issue Briefs by year.

SAA will take a position, make a statement, or take other action only on issues that are related directly to archives and archival functions. Read SAA’s Criteria for Advocacy Statements.

SAA members and groups may suggest that SAA take action on a public policy issue.