Government Records Case Studies

The Government Records Case Studies are drawn from real life and address challenges faced by archives responsible for government records, including but not limited to: advocacy, (re)appraisal, custody issues, starting a records program, digitization projects, born-digital records, preservation, access, accountability and transparency. The goal is to develop a set of cases from a broad range of repositories, representing all levels of government: local, state, provincial, territorial, tribal, federal, and national. This may include official government repositories, as well as non-government repositories that hold government records. For information on how to submit a case study, click here.

Steering Committee, Government Records Section 

Case 1
Macro (Re)Appraisal: Does This Really Need to Come to the State Archives?
Marcella Wiget Huggard

Case 2
Addressing Myopia: Transition to Functional Scheduling at the State Archives of North Carolina
Courtney Bailey

Case 3
A Collaborative, Proactive Approach for the Electronic Records Lifecycle: The Alabama State Electronic Records Project (ASERP) 
Jaimie Kicklighter and Katie Ray