Mentoring Program

The Society of American Archivists’ Mentoring Program—now in its 20th year—is designed to bring together members with shared interest in various aspects of the archival profession. The program’s goal is to cultivate career development and communication between members with areas of expertise and members who want to build their knowledge within those areas.

Students, educators, working archivists, records managers, and retirees—every SAA member is eligible to participate as a mentor or protégé.

How It Works

SAA's Mentoring Program Subcommittee matches participants based on subject interests or geographic location. When a match is made, committee members notify the mentor and protégé, providing contact information and suggested guidelines. Together, the participating individuals determine their expectations and how to best structure their relationship. SAA encourages participants to stay involved for at least one year. Certainly, participants can extend this relationship as desired.

The Role of Mentors

  • Suggest appropriate continuing education coursework, workshops, or annual meeting program sessions to help your protégé achieve career goals.
  • Introduce your protégé to other professional colleagues; together, attend the Mentor / Protégé Meet and Greet at SAA's Annual Meeting.
  • Serve as a resource for policies, procedures, and other information.

The Role of Protégés

  • Request guidance about your resume, career goals, or continuing education opportunities.
  • Ask for advice about sessions at SAA's Annual Meeting, or about how to become involved in SAA's committees, sections, and roundtables.
  • Explore and exchange thoughts on current trends in the archival profession.

Mentoring Opportunities at the SAA Annual Meeting:

  • SAA Mentoring Program Meet-and-Greet: meet your mentor or protégé in person, and learn more about the Mentoring Program.
  • SAA Annual Meeting Career Center: discuss career options and polish your resume with a career advisor.
  • SAA Navigator Program: discuss how to best navigate the Annual Meeting with a conference veteran.
  • New Member/First-Timer Orientation and Forum: meet casually with SAA leadership and staff about how to make the most of the Annual Meeting and your membership.


How to Apply

To apply as either a mentor or a protégé, click the link below and complete the form on the next page. SAA's Mentoring Program Subcommittee will contact you after reviewing your application. However, please understand that processing may be delayed for applications received between August 1 and September 1 due to preparation for SAA's Annual Meeting. Still, the subcommittee will attempt to identify matches during that time.

Please note that the mentoring program is a member benefit only available to active members of SAA. For other questions about the Mentoring Program, please email the Mentoring Program Subcommittee members by using our contact form.

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Be a Mentor!

Think you don’t have expertise to share? Some of our colleagues waiting for mentors are just getting started in the profession and are looking for advice on schools, classes, career trajectory, résumé development, and interviewing skills. In addition, we frequently receive requests for mentors who live in particular geographic regions or who have expertise in a specific topic area.

Once matched, you and your protégé will determine the structure of your relationship. It might include exploring and exchanging thoughts on current trends in the archival profession together, introducing your protégé to other archives colleagues, or recommending Annual Meeting sessions to attend. The possibilities are endless, and your valuable advice and guidance could grow or launch an archivist’s career.