Staff Directory

SAA Headquarters

Society of American Archivists
17 North State Street
Suite 1425 
Chicago, IL 60602-4061
tel 312/606-0722
fax 312/606-0728
toll-free 866/722-7858


Executive Director
Nancy Beaumont

Director of Publishing
Teresa Brinati

Director of Finance & Administration
Peter Carlson

Director of Education
Rana Hutchinson Salzmann

Web & Information Systems Administrator
Matthew Black

Education Program Specialist
Taylor Camara

Archival Outlook Editor & Production Coordinator
Abigail Christian

Governance Program Manager
Felicia Owens

Education Program Specialist – LMS and Online Learning
Akila Ruffin

Manager, Service Center
Carlos R. Salgado

Member Services Representative
Michael Santiago

Member Services/Accounting Specialist
Lakesha Thaddis