Contact List for Additional Assistance

For questions and concerns regarding leadership, SAA policy, group reports, and governance, please contact:

Council Liaisons


Helen Wong Smith, SAA President       

Jacqualine Price Osafo, Executive Director     

For assistance with leader role updates, governance, group reports, and elections, please contact:

                SAA Staff       

For assistance with group discussion lists and microsites, please contact:

                Cherie Newell, Director of Operations  

For assistance with orders, billing issues, address updates, and login difficulties, please contact:

                SAA Service Center                                       

                Carlos Salgado, Service Center Manager 

17 North State Street, Suite 1425
Chicago, IL 60602-3315
312-606-0722 (Phone)
312-606-0728 (Fax)
866-722-7858 (Toll-free)