2020 SAA Research Forum Agenda

2020 SAA Research Forum Agenda

Wednesday, August 5, 2020

10:00 to 5:00 Central time, hosted virtually



10:00 - 11:30 (CDT) Opening and Session One: Innovation in Practice


Welcome and Opening Remarks

Research Forum Program Committee [Slides]


How to Build a Workflow: Improving Digital Content Appraisal and Processing at the University of Illinois Library

Bethany Anderson, Joanne Kaczmarek, and Tracy Popp (all University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign) [Abstract/Bios] [Slides]


Designing the Future of Archival Discovery and Delivery: The Lighting the Way Forum

Mark A. Matienzo (Stanford University Libraries), Hillel Arnold (Rockefeller Archives Center), Dinah Handel (Stanford University Libraries), Josh Schneider (Stanford University Libraries), and Camille Villa (Stanford University Libraries) [Abstract/Bios] [Slides]


Digitization Selection at the Louisiana Digital Library: A Survey

Elizabeth Joan Kelly (Loyola University New Orleans) [Abstract/Bio] [Slides]


Participatory Archival Research and Development in Action: Updates from DLF’s BDAWG

Alston Cobourn (East Carolina University) and Jess Farrell (Educopia Institute) [Abstract/Bios] [Slides]


11:30 – 12:30 (CDT) Session Two: Professional Identity


Session Introduction

Nance McGovern (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) [Bio] [Slides]

Reappraising Our Professional Identity: Addressing the Knowledge Gap with Tenure and Promotion for Academic Archivists

Rachel Walton (Rollins College), Elizabeth Scott (East Stroudsburg University), Heidi Abbey Moyer (Penn State University Libraries), and Rebecca Hankins (Texas A&M University) [Abstract/Bios] [Slides]


Perspectives on Precarity: A Multifaceted Look at the Status of Project Archivists

Sheridan Sayles (Seton Hall University), L. Rebecca Johnson Melvin (University of Delaware), and Amy C. Vo (New York University) [Abstract/Bios] [Slides]


“My employer does not have a job title for archivist:” A Climate Survey of Professional Identity, Change, and Perception within the Archival Field

Ashley Todd-Diaz (Towson University), Nance McGovern (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), and Kari Smith (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) [Abstract/Bios] [Slides]


12:30 – 1:00 (CDT) Break and Discussion


1:00 – 2:00 (CDT) Poster Session: Minute Madness (see list of posters below)


2:00 – 3:00 (CDT) Session Three: Community Engagement


Foiled Again: Adapting Focus Groups Thwarted by Coronavirus

Edward Benoit and Gillian Brownlee (both Louisiana State University, School of Library and Information Science) [Abstract/Bios] [Slides]


Diversity and Inclusion in Historical Documentation of Multicultural Architecture Education in the US in a Time of Pandemic

Dr. Meral Ekincioglu (former visiting scholar at MIT, Harvard, and Columbia) [Abstract/Bio] [Slides]


Cultivating Community: Cross-Institutional Development of Digital Preservation Learning Materials for Smaller Cultural Heritage Organizations

Tracy Popp (University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign), Laura Alagna (Northwestern University), and Daniel Johnson (University of Iowa) [Abstract/Bios] [Slides]


Research Design Challenges of an Early Career EDI Researcher

Jessica L. Serrao (Clemson University) [Abstract/Bio] [Slides]


3:00 – 4:00 (CDT) Session Four: Enhancing Infrastructure


A Collaborative Digital Preservation Risk Model

David Underdown, Hannah Merwood, and Alex Green (all The National Archives, UK) [Abstract/Bio] [Slides]


From Reading Rooms to Virtual Hubs: Supporting Emerging Technology Research in the Archives

Alia Levar Wegner (Miami University) [Abstract/Bio] [Slides]


Preserving Sensitive Data in Distributed Digital Storage Networks

Courtney Mumma (Texas Digital Library), Sibyl Schaefer (UC San Diego), and Kristi Park (Texas Digital Library)  [Abstract/Bios] [Slides]


Open-Source Software for Appraisal and Processing of Email at Scale

Christopher (Cal) Lee (University of North Carolina) [Abstract/Bio] [Slides]


4:00 – 5:00 (CDT) Session Five: Looking Ahead


Establishing a Research Agenda for Computational Archival Science through Interdisciplinary Collaborations between Archivists and Technologists

Richard Marciano, Rajesh Kumar Gnanasekaran, Alexis Hill, Phillip Nicholas, and Lori Perine (all University of Maryland) [Abstract/Bios] [Slides]


Research and SAA:


Research Forum Update

Nance McGovern (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) [Bio] [Slides]


CORDA Project Update

Paul Conway (University of Michigan) [Bio] [Slides]


Wrap-up and Closing Remarks

Research Forum Program Committee [Slides]




(listed in order of presentation)


P1. Analyzing the Historic Maryland Newspapers Project Collection

Pamela A. McClanahan (University of Maryland Libraries) [Abstract/Bio] [Poster]


P2. Indigenous Representation and Preservation Challenges in Audiovisual Archives

Bárbara Carrera (Simmons University) [Abstract/Bio] [Poster]


P3. Cross Functional Collaboration: The Placement of Archival Processing in ARL Libraries

Rebecca A. Wiederhold and Cory L. Nimer (both Brigham Young University) [Abstract/Bios] [Poster]


P4. Documenting a Life Well-Tracked: A Blueprint for the Quantified-Self Archive

Ciaran Trace and Yan Zhang (both School of Information, University of Texas at Austin) [Abstract/Bios] [Poster]


P5. Documenting a Pandemic from Your Living Room: Preserving and Making Accessible the Born Digital Records of the University of San Francisco COVID-19 Response Collection While Sheltering in Place

Annie Reid (University of San Francisco) [Abstract/Bio] [Poster]


P6. Gone In a Flash: Preserving Moving Image Media Created by Adobe Flash

Lauren Jefferson (Simmons University) [Abstract/Bio] [Poster]


P7. The Heritage Connection: Analysis of a Digital Portal Project Across Varied Cultural Heritage Sites

Rhonda L. Clark (Clarion University of Pennsylvania) [Abstract/Bio] [Poster]


P8. How I Programmatically Reconciled Archive Data with Library of Congress

Claire Marshall (Smith College) [Abstract/Bio] [Poster]


P9. Closure and Reopening of Archives in Japan

Yayoi Tsutsui (University of Tsukuba Archives) [Abstract/Bio] [Poster]


P10. Internet-Of-Things for The Twenty-First Century Archivist: Innovative Technologies for Environmental Monitoring

Monica Maceli (Pratt Institute, School of Information) [Abstract/Bio] [Poster]


P11. The North Shore Ethnographic Field School: A Conversation on Place-based Storytelling

Rachel Elise Greiner (UH Mānoa Museum Studies Department) [Abstract/Bio] [Poster]


P12. Securing Archival Collections During a Pandemic

Kimberly Hoffman (Miami University) [Abstract/Bio] [Poster]



Organizing Team


Carolyn Hank (U Tennessee Knoxville) – Program Committee

Ardys Kozbial (Harvard) – Program Committee

Nance McGovern (MIT) – Forum Co-chair/Co-founder, Program Committee Co-chair

Gabriela Redwine (Yale) – Program Committee

Kate Neptune (Harvard) – Forum Coordinator, Overall and Platforms

Kari Smith (MIT) – Program Committee and Forum Lead Organizer

Heather Soyka (Kent State) – Forum Co-chair, Program Committee Co-chair

Rebecca C. Thayer (College of Charleston) – Forum Coordinator, Posters and Technical

Helen Tibbo (UNC Chapel Hill) – Forum Co-founder, Program Committee





Diversity and Inclusion in Historical Documentation of Multicultural Architecture Education in the US in a Time of Pandemic -- Dr. Meral Ekincioglu [PDF]


Securing Archival Collections During a Pandemic -- Kim Hoffman [PDF]


Gone in a Flash: Preserving Moving Image Media Created with Adobe Flash -- Lauren Jefferson [PDF]