Case Studies in Archival Ethics

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These case studies are drawn from real life. They address one or more of the areas covered by the Code of Ethics for Archivists: professional judgment in carrying out basic archival tasks, protecting records authenticity, access to and use of records, professional relationships with donors or users, privacy issues, ensuring security against theft, and questions of trust in archivists’ conduct. (For information on how to submit a case study, see our Call for Case Studies.)

Case 1
An Online Exhibit: A Tale of Triumph and Tribulation

by Nancy Freeman, CA and Robert B. Riter

Case 2
FOIA Request
by Nancy Freeman, CA and Holly Geist, CA  

Case 3
Identifying Culturally Sensitive American Indian Material in a Non-tribal Institution 
Ellen M. Ryan, MA, MLIS

Case 4
Intellectual Property Concerns in Undocumented Corporate Collections
Katherine McCardwell

Case 5
The Harding Affair Letters: How One Archivist Took Every Measure Possible to Ensure Their Preservation
Timothy D. Pyatt