Student Membership

Student membership is open to individuals in degree-conferring programs and confers many member benefits at a significantly reduced rate. Such benefits include:

Student members are also eligible:

  • To hold any appointive position in the Society
  • To vote for officers, councilors, members of the nominating committee
  • To vote on all matters requiring a vote which come before the Society as a whole
  • To be members of constituent units of the Society
  • To receive the benefits of the Society's programs and services.

For more insight about the benefits of membership, see what students themselves have to say:  Feedback from the 2006 Student Forum (PDF)

(Please note: Individuals who select this option must mail, fax, or email proof of active enrollment (e.g., a dated copy of your student ID/enrollment receipt or a signed letter/email from your faculty advisor) before your membership application or renewal can be completed.) Proof of enrollment should be sent directly to the SAA Service Center via fax at 312-606-0728 or email at servicecenter [@]

Annual dues for a student member are $55 per year.


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