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Digital Archivy, Inc.
Brooklyn, NY 11222
United States
Phone: 718-309-9659
Contact Name: David Kay, MLS
Contact Email: dkay [at] digitalarchivy [dot] com

Digital Archivy is a turnkey archival consulting firm that works with organizations to identify, analyze, compare, organize, and use information better. We work closely with clients and take a holistic multi-dimensional view of information ecosystems. This enables us to create solutions that are practical, cost-effective, and user-focused. Our projects ensure long-term preservation, increase access and support better digital archiving workflows.  The services we offer include: 

1) Archival Consulting, Needs Assessments and Advisory Services
2) Research and Reference Services 
3) DAM and Vendor Comparisons
4) Online or Exhibition Curation

Our solutions integrate intuitive systems, archival methods and digital archiving tools.  We improve process and oversight, increase access and protect intellectual control. We work closely with clients to build trust, accountability, and security into our deliverables.

Digital Archivy was founded by David Kay, MLS, a long-time active member of the SAA. He is an experienced information professional and digital archivist and earned his MLS degree with a certificate in Archives, Records Management and Preservation from CUNY Queens College's School of Library and Information Studies. His awareness of archival standards and familiarity with different media formats and knowledge of best practice assist in developing easy and effective solutions and sustainable strategies. For more than 15 years, he has worked with a wide variety of clients including those in corporate, non-profit, academic, governmental, NGO sectors, as well as charitable foundations, advocacy groups, arts and cultural organizations, religious institutions, and individuals and families. 

Digital Archivy was established to help clients create solutions that are appropriate, user-focused and customizable"We make your information more valuable and less vulnerable."

Call or contact Digital Archivy directly for information, or schedule an introductory video chat and/or visit our website at 

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