Digital Archivy, Inc.


Digital Archivy Information Center
Digital Archivy, Inc.
Brooklyn, NY 11222
United States
Phone: 718-309-9659
Contact Name: David Kay, MLS
Contact Email: dkay [at] digitalarchivy [dot] com

Digital Archivy is a turnkey archival consulting firm based in New York, NY that works with institutions to

  • Conduct needs assessments and user surveys and identify standards and best practice
  • Update digital preservation strategy,  policies, plans, workflows and road maps
  • Launch digital archives, add metadata, and provide research on users, options, and other subjects 

Our solutions raise awareness, increase access and usage, improve process and administration, and protect and preserve intellectual control. They are user-focused and integrate archival systems, methods and tools to provide reliable measurable results with high value. We work closely with clients to build trust, accountability, and security into our deliverables.


Digital Archivy was founded by David Kay. He is an experienced digital archivist and informational professional and a long-time active member of the SAA. He has worked as a consultant and digital preservation expert for many institutions. His awareness of archival standards, experience using different digital archiving platforms, and knowledge of different media formats and best practice help develop effective solutions, efficient workflows, and sustainable strategies. 


Call or contact Digital Archivy directly for information, or schedule an introductory video chat and/or visit our website at 

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