Digital Archivy, Inc.


Digital Archivy Information Center
Digital Archivy, Inc.
Brooklyn, NY 11222
United States
Phone: 718-309-9659
Contact Name: David Kay, MLS
Contact Email: dkay [at] digitalarchivy [dot] com

Digital Archivy practices the science and discipline of active information management and digital archiving.  We take a holistic multi-dimensional view of information ecosystems, and create user-focused solutions that are practical, cost-effective, and improve user experience. The services we offer are: 

1) Digital Archiving and Information Management Services
2) Consulting and Advisory Services
3) Professional Placement Services/HR for Digital Archivists

Our solutions are based on experience, best practice and standards.  They improve processes, access and intellectual control, and increase trust, accountability, and security.  We make your information more valuable and less vulnerable.  

 Digital Archivy was founded by David Kay, MLS, a long-time member of the SAA. He was appointed to the Digital Archives Continuing Education (DACE) Task Force and served from 2010-11. The Task Force helped propose and design the Digital Archives Specialist (DAS) Certificate program. He then served a 3-year term on the SAA's Committee on Education from 2011-14.  He has worked as a Consultant, Digital Archivist and Digital Asset Manager for dozens of clients since 2006.  

 The clients with whom Mr. Kay has worked include Fortune 500 corporations, privately-held and family-owned companies, colleges, universities, and private schools, non-profit organizations including foundations, advocacy groups, arts and cultural organizations, as well as governmental agencies, NGOs, religious institutions, and a small number of individuals and families.

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