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Expertise: Archival program evaluation; Archival standards; Disaster preparedness; Exhibit planning and implementation; Outreach and public programs; Preservation; Strategic planning; Other
Contact Name: Lynsey Crantz-Allie
Roanoke, VA
Expertise: Arrangement and description; Exhibit planning and implementation; Finding aids; Oral history planning and implementation; Outreach and public programs; Other
Contact Name: Raegan C. Stearns
Shreveport, LA

Let us help you preserve your story. We are trained archivists and librarians and experienced family historians located in Rockville, Maryland who can help you inventory, organize, and preserve your old family papers, documents, and photographs and create a family archive for future generations.

Expertise: Arrangement and description; Finding aids; Outreach and public programs; Preservation; Other
Contact Name: Claire McDonald, MLIS and Sarah Hedlund, MLIS
Rockville, MD
Expertise: Other
Contact Name: Charles Piotrowski
Schenectady, NY

Second Space Archives Consulting provides consultative services on all aspects of the care and management of digital and physical archival collections, including management, appraisal, processing, preservation, conservation, and access. We are available to assist cultural heritage organizations including academic and public public libraries, community-based archives, museums, federal libraries & archives, and individuals with private collections, with management of their collections by applying professional standards to their archives assets. We are experienced experts with extensive knowledge in the care of traditional...

Expertise: Audiovisual preservation and digitization; Collection Assessment; Collection Assessment Surveys; Digital Asset Management; IRS appraisal of archives; Minimal Processing Techniques; Archival standards; Budgeting and financial planning; Cataloging; Disaster preparedness; Electronic records management; Exhibit planning and implementation; Facilities planning and development; Finding aids; Fundraising and grant writing; Government relations; Management and administration; Oral history planning and implementation; Outreach and public programs; Policy development; Preservation; Records management; Records survey planning and implementation; Software applications; Staff training and recruitment; Staffing and implementation; Strategic planning; Other
Contact Name: Bergis Jules

Marcy Silver Flynn established Silver Image Management in 1994 to provide collection management services to archives, libraries, museums and private collections with visual images, especially photographs.  She is based in Arizona but provides services nationwide.

Silver Image Management works with you to improve the organization, description, preservation and use of your valuable image collections, including photographs and negatives, digital images, fine art, prints, drawings, posters, and architectural drawings. 


Expertise: Access and classification reviews; Artist Estates; Artists Archives; Descriptive metadata; Grant Writing; Image Research; Minimal Processing Techniques; Project Management; Visual Materials; Archival standards; Arrangement and description; Cataloging; Finding aids; Strategic planning; Other
Contact Name: Marcy Flynn
Scottsdale, AZ
Expertise: Archival appraisal; Arrangement and description; Budgeting and financial planning; Finding aids; Oral history planning and implementation; Other
Contact Name: Suzanne Gould
Alexandria, VA