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Since 2006, AVP has helped organizations maximize the usability and value of their information assets.

Our consultants and software developers are experts in data management, digital and media asset management, digital preservation, and more. We partner with leading organizations to help free people from the obstacles of information management.

Contact us and let us know how we can support you in your efforts.

Expertise: ArchivesSpace; Audiovisual preservation and digitization; Content Management Applications; ContentDM; Digital Asset Management Applications; Digital Preservation Applications; Archival appraisal; Omeka; Preservica; Samvera-based Applications; Archival standards; Digital Preservation; Budgeting and financial planning; Digitization / digital program development; Disaster preparedness; Electronic records management; Facilities planning and development; Oral history planning and implementation; Policy development; Preservation; Software applications; Strategic planning
Contact Name: Bertram Lyons, CA
Madison, WI

Lucidea's web-based archival collections management systems (including ArchivEra, purpose-built based on best practices learned over 25 years) enable archives of any size or budget to describe, administer, and offer unrivaled access to traditional and digital collections. ArchivEra also supports all areas of the OAIS functional model, offering digital preservation capabilities to archivists requiring practical, functional digital preservation without the overhead of full OAIS compliance.

We invite you to consult with our archival collections management system specialists and our Client Services Team—internationally recognized as trusted partners for data migration, implementation...

Expertise: Audiovisual preservation and digitization; Archival standards; Cataloging; Digitization / digital program development; Electronic records management; Finding aids; Preservation; Software applications
Contact Name: Mark Maslowski
Vancouver, BC

Since 1993 Luna Imaging has been a trusted partner for museums, libraries, archives, individuals and all sized organizations looking to digitize and display cultural heritage materials.

Digital Asset Management Software: LUNA is a web-hosted software solution developed to display, manage and preserve all types of digital archive collections, image collections, special collections and library collections. The LUNA software is...

Expertise: Software applications
Contact Name: Drake Zabriskie
Sunland, CA

For over 60 years, Northern Micrographics has partnered with clients in library, academic, commercial and industrial markets to provide award winning preservation imaging services. We digitize a variety of object types including bound and disbound volumes, photos, maps, microfilm and microfiche. Northern Micrographics can also help place your digital collections online with our software products, ProSeek® and PhotoAtlasTM. We also offer a variety of other services including microfilming, microfilm duplication, metadata development, data conversions, hosting and book binding. 

Expertise: Digitization / digital program development; Software applications
Contact Name: Scott Pechacek
La Crosse, WI

I have an MSLIS with a concentration in archives management, and more than 10 years of experience in history organizations, including the Smithsonian Institution and the Oregon Wine History Archive. Much of my work has been to develop new history-based programs from scratch and help to revitalize dormant archives. My specialty is teaching history organizations how to manage and present their artifacts. My job is to empower them to...

Expertise: Audiovisual preservation and digitization; Community Programs; Archival program evaluation; Archival standards; Arrangement and description; Digitization Planning; Budgeting and financial planning; Cataloging; Outreach; Digitization / digital program development; Project Management; Disaster preparedness; Social Media; Exhibit planning and implementation; Facilities planning and development; Finding aids; Fundraising and grant writing; Management and administration; Oral history planning and implementation; Outreach and public programs; Policy development; Preservation; Records management; Software applications; Staff training and recruitment; Strategic planning
Contact Name: Rachael Woody
Portland, OR

Truman Technologies is a consulting firm leveraging digital information management, digital storage and long-term preservation to advance the ways we protect our corporate and cultural heritage. Let us work with you on your next planning or implementation project. Our written reports help you assess your options - what DAM/repository is best for you? Should you use cloud or on-premises systems? Or a hybrid? What are the pros and cons? Use your report to help justify and fund your next digital project.

Need guidance moving prohibitively large amounts of digital content into the public cloud? Setting up a cloud-based Digital Asset...

Expertise: Digital Preservation; Digitization / digital program development; Public cloud offerings/implementation; Software applications; Strategic planning
Contact Name: Gail Truman
Oakland, CA

Since 1985, Valerie Metzler Archivist/Historian has been helping individuals, families, businesses, churches, and universities discover and preserve their history.  Through the practical establishment of archives and through historical research including genealogy, Valerie Metzler Archivist/Historian makes your history available and accessible for generations to come.



Expertise: Archival standards; Arrangement and description; Oral history planning and implementation; Software applications; Staffing and implementation
Contact Name: Valerie A. Metzler
Altoona, PA