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Archival Image, LLC provides research and consulting services to museums, businesses, families, photographers and media producers requiring expertise in the location of unique archival images, and in the arrangement and administration of visual materials collections. 

Archival Image, LLC, is directed by Leigh Armstrong, a Certified Archivist with more than twenty-years experience working with creators, collectors, researchers, and repositories. Expertise includes picture research, rights and license negotiation, arrangement and description, content appraisal and valuation, project management. Past and...

Expertise: Digitization; Research; Rights and Licensing; Archival appraisal; Arrangement and description; Exhibit planning and implementation; Finding aids; Fundraising and grant writing; Government relations; Management and administration; Preservation; Strategic planning
Contact Name: Leigh Armstrong
Chicago, IL

Congressional collections document the democratic process and public policy and are rich resources for both scholarship and instruction. They also present a host of challenges. Modern congressional collections are large, complex, and usually contain a variety of formats, including paper, analog audiovisual materials, and digital files. They are often high profile and come with high donor and institutional expectations. I have a decade of experience working with congressional archives, and I use that to advise institutions on acquiring modern political collections, processing multiple formats, and building donor relationships. My expertise in applying project management and minimal...

Expertise: Audiovisual preservation and digitization; Congressional papers; Constituent services data; Archival appraisal; Archival standards; Arrangement and description; Electronic records management; Finding aids; Government relations; Outreach and public programs; Policy development; Staffing and implementation; Strategic planning
Contact Name: Danielle Emerling

Second Space Archives Consulting provides consultative services on all aspects of the care and management of digital and physical archival collections, including management, appraisal, processing, preservation, conservation, and access. We are available to assist cultural heritage organizations including academic and public public libraries, community-based archives, museums, federal libraries & archives, and individuals with private collections, with management of their collections by applying professional standards to their archives assets. We are experienced experts with extensive knowledge in the care of traditional...

Expertise: Audiovisual preservation and digitization; Collection Assessment; Collection Assessment Surveys; Digital Asset Management; IRS appraisal of archives; Minimal Processing Techniques; Archival standards; Budgeting and financial planning; Cataloging; Disaster preparedness; Electronic records management; Exhibit planning and implementation; Facilities planning and development; Finding aids; Fundraising and grant writing; Government relations; Management and administration; Oral history planning and implementation; Outreach and public programs; Policy development; Preservation; Records management; Records survey planning and implementation; Software applications; Staff training and recruitment; Staffing and implementation; Strategic planning
Contact Name: Bergis Jules