Independent Archivists Section

The Independent Archivists Section seek to facilitate and foster the sharing of ideas, information, and support amongst archivists outside the traditional archival repository. This includes, but is not limited to, independent contractors, private archivists, digital archivists, freelance and consulting archivists.

The Independent Archivists Section seeks to offer members advice and support on topics ranging from the nuances of business as an independent contractor to curation and access in a non-traditional repository. Unique facets of ethical and preservation activities with a thorough lack of institutional support will also be examined both by and for those working in non-traditional archives.

News & Announcements

Slate of candidates for 2023 IA steering committee
This year we elect a new Vice Chair/Chair Elect to serve a year each in the three successive chair positions, and two Steering Committee Members-at-Large to serve three years on the committee. We have 1 candidate for the one chair position, and 2 for the two steering committee positions.
Three positions to be filled to serve the 2021-22 year; Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect, Web Liaison, and a Steering Committee Member-at-Large. One candidate will be elected for each position, each to serve a three year term
The initial set of rules for this fairly new section did include steering committee term lengths that easily maintained a full committee with balanced service over time. A simple adjustment of the service term on a single position on the committee, and allocating that position to one of the regularly rotating "classes" of members will solve this. A proposal to do this has gone through the appropriate process and is to be on the 2021 ballot.
The Independent Archivists Section of the Society of American Archivists would like to welcome our new incoming Chair Elect and three new Steering Committee members!
We welcome all to join us for an intimate discussion about archives, music and collecting!
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