Jump In Too 2014 Results

Jump In Too 2014 Results 

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Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences [ReportInventoryMedia]

 Warren Sherk

American Jewish Historical Society, New England [ReportInventoryMedia]

 Stephanie Call

Augustana College [ReportInventoryMedia]

 Lisa Huntsha

College of William and Mary [ReportInventoryMedia]

 Daniel Weddington

Concordia University [ReportInventoryMedia]

 Lisa Sjoberg

Depaul University [ReportInventoryMedia]

 Andrea BainbridgeMorgen McIntosh-Hodgetts

Drexel University [ReportInventoryMedia]

 Alexis Antracoli, Steven Duckworth

Emerson College  [ReportInventory Part 1, Inventory Part 2, Inventory Part 3Media]

 Christina Zamon and staff

George Mason University  [ReportInventoryMedia]

 Greta Kuriger, William Patty

George Washington University  [ReportInventory Phase 1Inventory Phase 2, Media 1, Media 2, Media 3]

 Nick Connizzo

LaSalle University  [ReportInventoryMedia]

 Rebecca GoldmanJoseph Grabenstein

Lawrence University  [Report, Inventory, Media]

 Erin Dix

Louisiana State University - School of Veterinary Medicine Libaray  [ReportInventory, Media]

 Lisa Juengling

Marquette University [ReportInventoryMedia]

 Katie Blank, Lindsay Frey

New England Historic Genealogical Society [ReportInventoryMedia]

 Sally Benny

New Mexico State University [ReportInventory, Media]

 Caitlin Wells

Rensseleaer Polytechnic University [ReportInventoryMedia]

 Jennifer Monger

Texas State University [ReportInventoryMedia 1Media 2]

 Lauren Goodley

University of Georgia, Russell Library [ReportInventoryMedia]

 Adriane Hanson

University of Iowa [ReportInventoryMedia]

 David F. McCartney, Emily Shaw

University of Miami [ReportInventoryMedia]

 Béatrice Skokan and staff

University of New England [ReportInventoryMedia]

 Cathleen Miller

University of Pittsburgh [ReportInventoryMedia]

 Ashley L. Taylor

University of Scranton [ReportInventoryMedia]

 David HunischKristen Yarmey

University of Texax - Arlington [Report, Inventory, Media]

Melissa J. Gonzalez

University of Texas - San Antonio [ReportInventoryMedia]

 Julianna Barrera-GomezAmy Rushing, Nikki Lynn Thomas

Utah Valley University [ReportInventoryMedia]

 Catherine McIntyre


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