Valerie Metzler Archivist/Historian


Valerie Metzler Archivist/Historian
Valerie Metzler Archivist/Historian
Altoona, PA 16602
United States
Phone: (814)932-1740
Contact Name: Valerie A. Metzler
Contact Email: VMAH [at] keyconn [dot] net

Since 1985, Valerie Metzler Archivist/Historian has been helping individuals, families, businesses, churches, and universities discover and preserve their history.  Through the practical establishment of archives and through historical research including genealogy, Valerie Metzler Archivist/Historian makes your history available and accessible for generations to come.



Your institution’s history is reflected in the letters, journals, newsletters, photographs, audio- and videotapes that it has created.  Setting up a proper archives means that these unique records will be both preserved and accessible.  Your family also has its unique archival material.  Organizing them to be relevant for your grandchildren’s children is part of what an archivist does.  Archivists bring the past to the present—and future! 


Historical research:

VMAH can bring to life the story of your house, your farm, your church and your business.  Through oral history interviewing and traditional research in historical source material, your family’s roots and stories can be unearthed and perpetuated.