Main Office
4413 Spicewood Springs Road
STE 103
Austin, TX 78759
United States
Phone: 512-991-2727
Contact Name: Brooke Lake, MLIS
Contact Email: Hello [at] MonocurateATX [dot] com

Monocurate is a private, brick-and-mortar archival practice that provides the expertise, services, and necessary direction to enable individuals, families, and community-based organizations to successfully organize and preserve their archival materials.

Monocurate coordinates all preparation, preservation, organization, and light-conservation treatments such as flattening, surface cleaning, removing pressure-sensitive tapes, deacidifying, mending tears, and encapsulating works on paper. We also provide digital reproduction endeavors for unique mixed-media collections.

Our staff designs and produces preservation housing structures that promote the prolonged preservation of collection materials. We also create and maintain archival organizational systems. In addition, Monocurate offers services in preservation assessment, recommendations, and strategic planning consulting. We also successfully provide outreach initiatives to collaborate with community partners, institutions, and donors.

Monocurate is women-owned and women-led in Austin, TX. All work is done on-site by professional, accredited archivists.