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Seattle, Washington
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The Winthrop Group was founded in 1982 in Cambridge, Massachusetts and has worked with more than 350 clients located in more than 25 states and 10 countries in addition to the U.S.  Represented among the clients are Fortune 100 corporations and privately held companies, NGO’s, foundations, a range of non-profit and cultural organizations, educational institutions, municipal governments, private families, politicians, and well known individuals in the arts.  The firm’s Information & Archival Services (I&AS) Division, which was formed in 1979 as a private consulting practice rooted in corporate and organization archives, joined Winthrop’s Histories & Consulting in 1989 to become The Winthrop Group, Inc.

The Information and Archival Services Division provides professional services and expertise on a consulting and contract basis, as well as on-going management through retainer arrangments to a roster of 30 active clients.  Based in New York City, the Division currently employs 36 full-time professionals including archivists in New York, Connecticut, Michigan, Indiana, Washington, and Oregon.  Our services range from archival and records retention needs, establishment and maintenance of archives, management of archival assets, and/or development of archival and records retention systems and databases. 

Winthrop professionals are practiced at discerning what is required to meet the specific needs of each client, to ensure identification and efficient retrieval of significant documentation and information, and to develop practical and affordable solutions.  We are accustomed to a) working with archival and other records in a variety of formats, b) coordinating with clients' staff professionals, technicians and specialists, c) communicating with managers and staff  in an effort to achieve both the desired result and to do so efficiently through careful project planning and d) providing alternatives within a range of budgets.

Winthrop's I&AS Division has provided archival services to clients in a wide variety of sectors, from financial services, consumer products, food and beverages, manufacturing, and professional services firms to private fiduciary companies, to arts organizations, museums and not-for-profit organizations and foundations, to religious and academic institutions, to non-governmental organizations.

Winthrop is an equal opportunity employer.