Margot Note Consulting LLC


Margot Note Consulting LLC
New York, NY
United States
Contact Name: Margot Note, CA, CRM, IGP, PMP
Contact Email: margot [at] margotnote [dot] com
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Margot Note Consulting LLC offers information strategy and archives and records management services.

You are unique and your information problems merit distinct interventions. Together, we focus on your needs and explore ways to achieve your goals, tailored to you. Throughout our project, you’ll work directly with me. I advise on high-level aspects of our work, as well as with its detailed implementation.

Margot Note Consulting LLC works with an array of clients, including:

  • Colleges and universities
  • Museums and galleries
  •  Non-profits
  •  Health care organizations
  •  Media companies
  • Software companies
  • Religious organizations
  •  Industry leaders and entrepreneurs
  • Private families, foundations, and individuals

Harness history with levelheaded expertise.