Digital Bedrock


PO Box 86311
Los Angeles, CA 90086-0311
United States
Phone: (888) 938-7386
Contact Name: Linda Tadic
Contact Email: Ltadic [at] digitalbedrock [dot] com

Digital Bedrock provides secure, managed digital preservation services to ensure your digital content is usable when you need it. Our off-cloud architecture combines object storage technologies with green and secure storage, so our clients have a minimal carbon footprint. We manage the content over time by monitoring its bit health and format obsolescence vulnerabilities, as well as managing geographically dispersed redundant storage for disaster recovery.

As a related service, we also help clients save their digital content by migrating their data from legacy LTO to the cloud, current LTO generations, or hard drives. Storage media becomes obsolete faster than the file formats on them, so data should be moved off legacy media now.

We’ve preserved 3 PB of data for media & entertainment entities, museums, archives, non-profits, and even law firms who view us as their trusted preservation partner.  We become our clients' extended staff and infrastructure.

Digital Bedrock also provides consulting services in these areas: collection assessments (physical and digital collections), metadata audits and schema development, digital preservation planning, and digital asset management functional requirements. The company's founder/CEO, Linda Tadic, has worked in libraries and archives for over 30 years, and ensures that each client's needs are approached with respect and individual attention. 

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