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Since 2006, AVP has helped organizations maximize the usability and value of their information assets.

Our consultants and software developers are experts in data management, digital and media asset management, digital preservation, and more. We partner with leading organizations to help free people from the obstacles of information management.

Contact us and let us know how we can support you in your efforts.

Expertise: ArchivesSpace; Audiovisual preservation and digitization; Content Management Applications; ContentDM; Digital Asset Management Applications; Digital Preservation Applications; Archival appraisal; Omeka; Preservica; Samvera-based Applications; Archival standards; Digital Preservation; Budgeting and financial planning; Digitization / digital program development; Disaster preparedness; Electronic records management; Facilities planning and development; Oral history planning and implementation; Policy development; Preservation; Software applications; Strategic planning
Contact Name: Bertram Lyons, CA
Madison, WI
Expertise: Audiovisual preservation and digitization; Arrangement and description; Preservation
Contact Name: Biz Gallo
Ann Arbor, MI

I have a decade of experience working with congressional archives, and I use that to advise institutions on acquiring modern political collections, processing multiple formats, and building donor relationships. My expertise in applying project management and minimal processing techniques ensures work is accomplished strategically and efficiently. For congressional offices, I offer a knowledgeable perspective for repository selection and the donation process.

Expertise: Audiovisual preservation and digitization; Archival appraisal; Congressional papers; Constituent services data; Archival standards; Arrangement and description; Electronic records management; Finding aids; Government relations; Outreach and public programs; Policy development; Staffing and implementation; Strategic planning
Contact Name: Danielle Emerling
Expertise: Audiovisual preservation and digitization; Arrangement and description; Oral history planning and implementation
Contact Name: Debbie Kahn

Digital Bedrock provides secure, managed digital preservation services to ensure your digital content is usable when you need it. Our off-cloud architecture combines object storage technologies with green and secure storage, so our clients have a minimal carbon footprint. We manage the content over time by monitoring its bit health and format obsolescence vulnerabilities, as well as managing geographically dispersed redundant storage for disaster recovery.

As a related service, we also help clients save their digital content by migrating their data...

Expertise: Audiovisual preservation and digitization; Artist Archives; Artist Estates; Copyrights research; Digital Preservation; Inventories; Digitization / digital program development; Preservation policy and procedures development; Project Management; Public cloud offerings/implementation; Electronic records management; Storage and housing
Contact Name: Linda Tadic
Los Angeles, CA

Lucidea's web-based archival collections management systems (including ArchivEra, purpose-built based on best practices learned over 25 years) enable archives of any size or budget to describe, administer, and offer unrivaled access to traditional and digital collections. ArchivEra also supports all areas of the OAIS functional model, offering digital preservation capabilities to archivists requiring practical, functional digital preservation without the overhead of full OAIS compliance.

We invite you to consult with our archival collections management system specialists and our Client Services Team—internationally recognized as trusted partners for data migration, implementation...

Expertise: Audiovisual preservation and digitization; Archival standards; Cataloging; Digitization / digital program development; Electronic records management; Finding aids; Preservation; Software applications
Contact Name: Mark Maslowski
Vancouver, BC

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Our internationally-recognized consulting team is a trusted partner in information gathering, recommending best practices, and providing guidance for decision making.

Areas of Expertise 

  • Digitization & Metadata
  • Disaster Planning & Response
  • Environmental Assessment & Preservation
  • Project Management & Sustainability Planning
  • Space Planning
  • Strategic Planning
  • and more!

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Our services are available to both members and non-members of LYRASIS with members...

Expertise: Audiovisual preservation and digitization; Needs Assessments; Archival appraisal; Community Programs; Archival standards; Digital Preservation; Digitization / digital program development; Disaster preparedness; Rights and Licensing; Facilities planning and development; Finding aids; Policy development; Preservation; Strategic planning

For us it's not work, we truly love what we do. With over 35 years of audiovisual production and media conversion experience, Media Transfer Service provides high-level digitization of audio, video, motion picture film and still image formats for archives and private collections both in both North America and clients off-shore. We provide full-service audiovisual media digitization as well as enhancement, treatment and recovery of contaminated or damaged audiovisual media formats, tape baking services for both audiotape and videotape formats and audio/video transcription services. We also have the background and...

Expertise: Audio Preservation Services, Training, and Resources; Digital Archiving; Audiotape; Audiovisual preservation and digitization; Videotape; Digitization; Digitization / digital program development; Preservation
Contact Name: John Schroth
East Rochester, NY

My archival practice is dedicated to meeting my clients' goals for stewardship of their archives. I center collaboration and respect for the knowledge and expertise of others, and work to build capacity wherever archives are housed, through projects that value and sustain archival labor, whoever carries it out.

Expertise: Collection Assessment; Audiovisual preservation and digitization; Encoded Archival Description (EAD); Digitization; Archival standards; Arrangement and description; Fundraising and grant writing
Contact Name: Megan McShea
Baltimore, MD

Founded in 1973, the nonprofit NEDCC | Northeast Document Conservation Center specializes in the preservation of paper- and film-based materials as well as audio recordings. The Center serves clients nationwide, including archives, government agencies, other cultural heritage organizations, and  individuals.

NEDCC provides conservation treatment and digitization for book, photograph, and paper collections, including large...

Expertise: Audiovisual preservation and digitization; Conservation Treatment; Digital Preservation; Digitization / digital program development; Preservation policy and procedures development; Disaster preparedness; Preservation; Staff training and recruitment
Contact Name: Ann Marie Willer, Director of Preservation Services
Andover, MA