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Junia Papas Archival Consulting LLC
850 Harcourt Rd
Grosse Pointe Park, MI 48230
United States
Phone: 404-304-5753
Contact Name: Junia Papas, MARA, CA
Contact Email: juniapapas [at] gmail [dot] com
United States

Do you want to create an archive or update your current repository? Are you transferring your existing archive to another physical location? I can simplify any of these processes for you.

I am a Professional Archival Consultant, Certified Archivist, and Copyright Officer with years of government, academic, and religious archival experience.

I can assess your archival vault to recommend better preservation techniques. I have directed the construction of an archival vault to industry standards that was ISO compliant, hence, I can make professional recommendations for security, preservation, climate control requirements, durability of shelving, and fire prevention for you, too.

I can provide an assessment of your archive to provide recommendations for arrangement and description of your collections, archival policies, procedures, staffing requirements, environmental concerns, preservation techniques, and records management systems including data restrictions and finding aids for you.

In addition, I can evaluate your digital records for storage, metadata, data curation, encoded archival description, and archival software requirements with my experience in archival software design and data integration from multiple sources.

In short, I am available to assist you in your project for any contract archival work that you need completed in a professional manner. You are welcome to contact me to discuss the goals for your project and to understand how I can make this process easier for you.

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