Archival Workers Emergency Fund

Created in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, the Archival Workers Emergency Fund was established to provide financial assistance for archival workers experiencing acute, unanticipated financial hardship due to the crisis.

All U.S.-based archival workers affected by the COVID-19 crisis are eligible to apply to the fund. Recipients will receive grants of up to $1,000 as well as a complimentary year-long membership in SAA.

Applications will be evaluated with particular attention to the statement of need. Grants will be provided to applicants for as long as funding permits.


If your situation is not urgent, we ask you not to apply to the fund at this time.
The AWEF has been established to provide support to archival workers with immediate need. Please do not delay aid to your peers by submitting a request that is not urgent.


All archival workers (SAA members as well as non-members) are eligible to apply, including archival consultants and independent contractors. Applicants must demonstrate current or recent work (within one year of application) within the archives field or employment in a repository, regardless of type.

Due to the unpredictability of the crisis and times of acute need, applications for AWEF will be considered on a rolling basis up to December 31, 2020.

For more information, see Frequently Asked Questions

Many thanks to the ad hoc group of concerned archivists who developed the proposal for this fund, including: Steven D. Booth, Jessica Chapel, Alison Clemens, Anna Clutterbuck-Cook, Jennifer Coggins, Courtney Dean, Steve Duckworth, Carady DeSimone, Rebecca Goldman, Irene Hauzinger, Katharina Hering, Hayley Hinsberger, Valencia Johnson, Carli Lowe, Bridget Malley, Sarah McLusky, Lydia Tang, Rebecca Thayer, Lauren White, Amy Wickner, and Katrina Windon.

Support the Fund

If you have the means, please consider donating to directly support your fellow archival workers who have been furloughed, lost hours, or otherwise been significantly affected financially by the COVID-19 crisis. Any amount will help!

Donate Now

July 9, 2020To date, the Archival Workers Emergency Fund has supported 139 archival workers in need! Thank you to the AWEF Review Committee for their diligent work each week to get these fund dispersed!

And thank you to our many generous donors for making this possible. We continue to receive new applications each day, and the Review Committee is approving and dispersing funds as donations are received. If you have the means and have not yet contributed, consider making a donation to ensure future applicants in need can receive support right away! 

Much gratitude and thanks to all those who have contributed in so many ways to the Archival Workers Emergency Fund!



Thank you to the following organizations 
for their generous donations!



Thank you to the 26 SAA Sections that
contributed more than $6,100:

Accessibility & Disability Section

Acquisitions & Appraisal Section

Archival Educators Section

Archives & Archivists of Color Section

Archives Management Section

Business Archives Section

Collection Management Section

College & University Archives Section

Design Records Section

Diverse Sexuality & Gender Section

Electronic Records Section

Independent Archivists Section

International Archival Affairs Section

Issues & Advocacy Section

Local Government Records

Metadata & Digital Object Section

Military Archives Section

Native American Archives Section

Oral History Section

Public Library Archives/ Special Collections Section

Privacy & Confidentiality Section

Records Management Section

Students & New Archives Professionals Section

Visual Materials Section

Web Archiving Section

Women's Collections Section

Thank you to the 707 donors who have
contributed more than $102,050
to the Archival Workers Emergency Fund!

[Last update: 07/09/2020.]

Kristine Abbey

Gergana Abernathy

Alexis Adkins

Hannah Adkins

Pennington Ahlstrand

Sarah Aisenbrey

Lauren Algee

Dominic Amaral

Bethany Anderson

Rayna Andrews

Anonymous (141)

Krystal Appiah

Joanne Archer

Hillel Arnold

Kristen Autobee

Debbie Bahn

Katherine Barbera

Ashley Barrington

E. Shander Bawden

Nancy Beaumont

Danna Bell

Laura Bell

John Bence

Andrea Benefiel

Stephanie Bennett

Sally Benny

Kristell Benson

Anne Bentley

Cheryl Beredo

Sharmila Bhatia

Timothy Binkley

Diane Bird

Amy Bishop

Elyssa Bisoski

Jennifer Black Tatara

Diane Bockrath

Jennifer Bolmarcich

Steven Booth

Julie Botnick

Eve Bourbeau-Allard

Leslie Bourgeois

Bridget Bower

Randall Bowman

Susan Brady

Amy Braitsch

Alexis Braun Marks

Jay-Marie Bravent

Sally Brazil

Stephanie Bredbenner

Kathleen Brennan

Jeremy Brett

Mary Brooks

Lauren Brown

Lindsay Brown

Nicholas Burckel

Christopher Burns

Ed Busch

Robert Bush

Danielle Butler

Heidi Butler

Dominic Byrd-McDevitt

Mary Caldera

Aileen Caldwell

Sarah Calise

Dianne Carey

Elizabeth Caringola

Janet Carleton

Tara Carlisle

David Carmicheal

Marietta Carr

James Cassedy

Celia Caust-Ellenbogen

Erich Chang

Marie Chant

Jessica Chapel

Faith Charlton

Courtney Chartier

Wesley Chenault

Jeanie Child

Eric Chin

Kristen Chinery

Su Kim Chung

Tamar Chute

Robert Clark

Sarah Clark

Caroline Clavell

Alison Clemens

Rebecca Cline

Scott Cline

Laura Clos

Anna Clutterbuck-Cook

Josh Cochran

Jennifer Coggins

Evan Cohen

Hannah Cohen-Cline

Noah Cohen-Cline

Katherine Collett

Zakiya Collier

Michele Combs

Helen Conger

Stephanie Conning

Paul Conway

Talya Cooper

Amy Cooper Cary

Grace Cordial

Cheryl Cordingley

Richard Cox

nathan coy

Jessica Craig

David Crawford

Nicole Critchley

Jane Cross

Ashby Crowder

Caroline Crowell

Cynthia Crystal

James DaMico

Caroline Daniels

Emily Davis

William Daw

Holly Deakyne

Courtney Dean

Jacqueline Dean

Kristin DeAnfrasio

Carly Dearborn

W. Dean DeBolt

Lori Dedeyan

Alexandra deGraffenreid

Patricia Delara

Nathalie Delean

Michael Dello Iacono

Kathryn Dennett

Carady DeSimone

Christine Di Bella

Kate Dietrick

Alexandra DiFiglia

Daniel DiLandro

Deidre Dinnigan

Douglas Doe

Anita Doering

Gillian Dubin

Steve Duckworth

Jocelyn Dunlop

Genna Duplisea

Fynnette Eaton

Lori Eaton

Lynn Eaton

Leah Edelman

Linda Edgerly

Conley Edwards

Laura Eggert

Julia Eichelberger

Troy Eller English

Grace Eng

Elizabeth England

Adriana Ercolano

G. Aimee Ergas

Maria Estorino

Meredith Evans

Kittle Evenson

Mary Jo Fairchild

Jessica Farrell

Victoria Fernandez

Maristella Feustle

Cassie Findlay

Katie Finn

Jeanie Fisher

Katherine Fisher

Sean Fisher

Christina Fitzpatrick

John Fleckner

Dylan Flesch

William Fliss

Kit Fluker

Rosemary Flynn

Cheryll Fong

Donald Force

Marie Force

Vanessa Formato

Carolyn Foster

Michael Fox

Rebecca Fraimow

Anne Frantilla

Megan Fraser

Michele Fricke

Claire Galed

Margaret Gamm

Elizabeth Garber

Cristela Garcia-Spitz

Ethan Gates

Irene Gates

Joan Gearin

Steven Gentry

Jaclyn Georges

Cathrine Giles

Eleanor Gleason

Patricia Glowinski

Barry Goldberg

Elisabeth Golding

Rebecca Goldman

Melissa Gonzales

Joan Gosnell

Rebecca Grabie

Judith Greene

Alice Griffin

Brenda Gunn

David Haberstich

Wendy Hagenmaier

Susan Hamburger

Henry Handley

Johanna Harden

Mary Alice Harper

Celia Hartmann

Michelle Harvey

Steven Hausfeld

Amanda Hawk

Brittany Hayes

Jeffrey Hayes

Regine Heberlein

Keith Helt

Lisa Henry

Katharina Hering

Kathleen Hertel-Baker

Nancy Heywood

Cliff Hight

Lindsay Hiltunen

Michele Hiltzik Beckerman

Carrie Hintz

Judith Hiott

Rebecca Hirsch

Pamela Hopkins

Emma Horning

Zachary Hottel

Ted Houghtaling

Andrea Howard

Ashley Howdeshell

Judith Huenneke

Marcella Huggard

Margaret Hughes

Christina Hummel-Colla

Ann Hunter

Thomas Hyry

Suzanne Im

Kristin Jacobsen

Bridget Jeffs

Maureen Jennings

Randall Jimerson

Douglas Johnson

Jennifer Johnson

Valencia Johnson

L. Rebecca Johnson Melvin

Rita Johnston

Louis Jones

Elizabeth Jones-Minsinger

Benn Joseph

William Joyce

Joanne Kaczmarek

Elizabeth Kata

Hillary Kativa

Rebecca Katz

Sarah Keen

Jolene Kennah

Kimberly Kennedy

Catherine Kerst

Margaret Kidd

Helen Kim

Jonathan King

Jennifer Kinniff

Laura Kintz

Tom Klem

Jennie Knies

Tyson Koenig

Anne Kofmehl

Joseph Komljenovich

Mary Kosta

Kathryn Kramer


Kelly Kress

Franz Kunst

Christine Laba

Daria Labinsky

Mark Lambert

Joanne Lammers

Lawrence Landis

Jasmine Larkin

Christopher Larsen

Erin Lawrimore

Stacy Lee

Heather Lember

Audrey Lengel

Jeannine Levesque

Samantha Levin

Grace Lile

Eunice Liu

Lindsey Loeper

Wilda Logan

Jillian Lohndorf

Brianna LoSardo

Carli Lowe

Meredith Lowe

Waverly Lowell

Jeanne Lowrey

Rebecca Lubas

Susan Luftschein

Curtis Lyons

Bridget Malley

Lisa Mangiafico

Anne Mar

Kylee Mar

Donna Marchessault

Cecily Marcus

Kathy Marquis

Jamie Martin

Veronica Martzahl

Marian Matyn

Victoria McCargar

David McCartney

Brenda McClurkin

Lauren McDaniel

Kathie McDevitt-Parks

Dylan McDonald

Collette McDonough

Aprille McKay

Sarah McLusky

Jennifer Meehan

Kathleen Meehan

Dennis Meissner

Kit Messick

Daniel Michelson

Nicole Milano

Cathy Miller

Mike Miller

Miranda Mims

Meredith Mitchem

Sharon Mizota

Anne Molineu

Julianna Monjeau

Dave Moore

Erik Moore

Mary Morganti

Kate Morris

Stephanie Morris

Janet Mosely Latham

Julie Motyka

Nora Murphy

Shanee Murrain

Ryan Murray

Dorian Myer

Lori Myers-Steele

Penelope Neder-Muro

Nancy Noble

Daniel Noonan

Alix Norton

Stephen Novak

Julia Novakovic

Laura O'Hara

Shannon O'Neill

Catherine OBrion

Caitlin Olson

David Olson

Stephannie Oriabure

Jose Ortiz

Carolyn Osiek

Heather Oswald

John Overholt

Michele Pacifico

Renee Pappous

Tracy Paradis

Jenn Parent

Robert Bruce Parham

Amanda Partridge

Erin Passehl Stoddart

Corrie Patterson Kamiya

Rebecca Pattillo

Sarah Patton

Shira Peltzman

Michael Pera

Heather Perez

Connie Phelps

Elizabeth Phillips

Kelly Phillips

Ellen Pierce

Lisle Pino

Sarah Ponichtera

Colin Post

Lynn Prime

Cristina Prochilo Miedema

Christopher Prom

Adrienne Pruitt

Ricardo Punzalan

Jessica Quagliaroli

Sarah Quigley

Mary Ann Quinn

Mike Quinn

Becca Quon

Caryn Radick

Mario Ramirez

Allen Ramsey

Chloe Raub

Arian Ravanbakhsh

Denise Rayman

Maren Read

Kelly Revak

Alison Reynolds

Christina Rice

Kate Richards

Angelique Richardson

Frances Rickard

Anna Rimel

Caitlin Rizzo

Douglas Roberts

Sarah Roberts

William Robinson

Sandy Rodriguez

Kathleen Roe

Norma Rosado-Blake

Marlene Rosenfeld

Katie Rudolph

Thomas Ruller

Johanna Russ

Elizabeth Russey Roke

Amanda Rust

Alley Ryan

Timothy Salls

Lauren Sallwasser

Sheri Sarnoff

Samantha Sauer

Sheridan Sayles

Madison Schallhorn

Annette Scherber

Kathie Schey

Amy Schindler

Dawn Schmitz

Arlene Schmuland

Josh Schneider

Kristina Schulz

Lori Schwartz

Scott Schwartz

Malka Schyndel

Elizabeth Scott

Danielle Scott Taylor

Austin Senseman

Lindsay Sheldon

Bruce Shenitz

Betsy Sherman

Dawn Sherman-Fells

Sara Shutkin

Jehan Sinclair

Dominique Singer

John Slate

Jasmine Smith

Lindy Smith

Jennifer Snyder

Society of California Archivists

Linda Sorensen

Laura Sorvetti

Heather Soyka

Danielle Spalenka

Anna Speth

Leslie Squyres

Anna St.Onge

Alice Staples

Jessica Staples

Andrew Steadham

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