SAA Foundation Annual Meeting Award Application Guidelines


Each year the SAA Foundation may make available funds (from its income from interest and dividends from, investment gains from, and contributions to its unrestricted funds) for travel and/or registration awards to the SAA Annual Meeting. When given, funds will be awarded through a competitive application process based on demonstrated need.

The SAA Foundation Board of Directors will determine annually the number of awards to be distributed and the amount to be distributed per award. The funds available will be determined based on the payout rate and other program funding needs. The annual payout rate will be stated clearly for the benefit of Board members and donors.

Annual Meeting Award Application Deadlines

Applications are due by May 1 unless another time is established by the Foundation Board. Final decisions are made and applicants are notified by June 1 or three weeks in advance of the early-bird registration deadline.

Funding Priorities

Annual Meeting Awards may be applied only to conference registration fees and related expenses (such as travel, lodging, and food) incurred to attend the Annual Meeting. The primary criterion for selection will be financial need, including lack of institutional support, part-time employment, unemployment, education debt burden, health or health care expenses, caregiving responsibilities, or any other financial responsibilities that may affect one’s ability to participate in the Annual Meeting. Applicants must complete an online form and attach a résumé or curriculum vitae.


Only current SAA members are eligible for this award.

Applying for an SAA Foundation Annual Meeting Award

The Board and its committee will endeavor to follow a transparent, fair, and simple process of application and evaluation. No current SAA Foundation Board member may be the direct or indirect recipient of Foundation award funds. No Board member will participate in consideration of an award application in which the member has, or could be perceived as having, a personal interest, benefit, or relationship that could create a conflict of interest.

Award Application

Award determinations will be made by a selection committee comprising three SAA Foundation Board members and one SAA Council member and will be based on applicants’ responses to the following: 

  • How will attendance at the SAA Annual Meeting contribute to your professional development and career goals?
  • Provide an explanation of your financial need.


All Annual Meeting Award applications will be received and processed by the SAA Foundation’s Executive Director. The Executive Director will conduct an initial administrative review of each application to determine whether the applicant is an SAA member in good standing.

The Executive Director will forward the applications to the Annual Meeting Award Committee. The committee will evaluate the applications and determine the award recipients. The Executive Director will notify applicants of the committee’s decision by June 1 or three weeks before the early-bird registration deadline.

Post-Project Reporting

Awardees are required to attend the entire conference from the opening plenary through the final session block. Within 30 days of the end of the Annual Meeting, awardees must submit:

  • A meeting evaluation form demonstrating attendance at sessions and all-attendee events.
  • Travel expense form and receipts (as applicable) totaling up to the amount of the award. If expenses total less than the award amount, the awardee must remit the balance with the receipts.
  • A 400- to 600-word report assessing the value received from the award and noting any suggestions for improving the award process.


Adopted by the SAA Foundation Board of Directors, November 2019. Revised March 2021.