SAA Foundation Annual Meeting Award Application Guidelines


Each year the Society of American Archivists (SAA) Foundation may make available funds for travel and/or registration awards to the SAA Annual Meeting. When given, funds will be awarded through a competitive application process based on demonstrated need. The SAA Foundation Board of Directors annually determines  the number of awards and the amount to be distributed per award, based on available funds.

Annual Meeting Award Application Deadlines

Applications are due by April 20th unless another time is established by the Foundation Board. Final decisions are made and applicants are notified by middle of May.

Funding Priorities

Annual Meeting Awards may be applied only to conference registration fees and related expenses (such as travel, lodging, and food) incurred to attend the Annual Meeting. The primary criterion for selection is financial need, but in keeping with the SAA and SAA Foundation strategic focus on supporting DEIA principles.


Only current SAA members are eligible for this award.

Applying for an SAA Foundation Annual Meeting Award

The Board and its committee endeavors to follow a transparent, fair, and simple process of application and evaluation. No current SAA Council or Foundation Board member may be the direct or indirect recipient of Foundation award funds. No Council or Board member will participate in consideration of an award application in which the member has, or could be perceived as having, a personal interest, benefit, or relationship that could create a conflict of interest.

Award Application

Award determinations will be made by a selection committee comprising (3) SAA Foundation Board members and (1) SAA Council member and will be based on applicants’ responses to the following:  

  • Describe your need for this award and what it would mean for you personally and/or your career development. 


All Annual Meeting Award applications will be received and processed by the SAA Foundation’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO). The CEO will conduct an initial administrative review of each application to determine whether the applicant is an SAA member in good standing. 


The CEO, or their designee, will forward the applications to the Annual Meeting Award Committee. The committee will evaluate the applications and determine the award recipients. The CEO will notify applicants of the committee’s decision by the middle of May.  Awardees must accept the award by the due date in the notification; if failure to accept by due date fundings will be reallocated to another applicant.  


In addition to your attendance:  

  • Consent to provide a testimonial to the SAA Foundation  
  • Agree to the SAA Photo and Video Release. 
  • Agree to submit all required information post ARCHIVES * RECORDS  

Post ARCHIVES*RECORDS Requirements Due August 28th

Awardees must submit: 

  • Provide either a written or short video clip of “What are your three take takeaways from the ARCHIVES * RECORDS.   
    • Video: 30 seconds to 1 minute video of you, mentioning your name, institution, and how long you have been a member of SAA; either during or post conference; then the three takeaways.  
    • Written: 1 to 2 sentences for each takeaway  
  • (In-Person Recipient Only) Submit receipts totaling the amount of the award. If expenses total less than the award amount, the awardee must remit the balance with the receipts 

Adopted by the SAA Foundation Board of Directors, November 2019. Revised March 2023.