SAA Foundation Annual Meeting Award Committee

Committee Member List

I. Purpose

The Annual Meeting Award Committee is responsible for receiving and evaluating Annual Meeting Award applications according to the SAA Foundation Annual Meeting Award Application Guidelines, and for selecting the award recipients.

II. Committee Selection, Size, and Length of Term

The Annual Meeting Award Committee is an appointed body of the SAA Foundation Board. The Committee consists of three Class B members and one member of the SAA Council. The SAA Council member may be one of the Foundation Board Class A members. If no Class A member volunteers to serve on the Committee, the SAA President shall appoint one Committee member from among the other Council members. Appointments are made at the Board’s annual meeting; appointments are for one-year terms beginning at the close of the annual meeting. The Executive Director serves ex officio on the committee.

III. Reporting Procedures

The Annual Meeting Award Committee reports to each full meeting of the Foundation Board of Directors and at other times as requested by the Board. For travel/registration award reviews, the Committee will consider applications (due May 1), conduct its review, and report its selections to SAA staff and the Board by June 1. The committee is responsible for preparing a brief post-review report that includes recommendations for improving the application and review process as well as other useful observations that will assist the next Annual Meeting Award Committee.

IV. Duties and Responsibilities

Solicit annually from the Foundation Board the Annual Meeting Award funding allocation.

Work individually and collectively to analyze and evaluate award applications, considering (but not limited by) the applicant’s statement of need and statement of how attendance at the Annual Meeting will contribute to the member’s professional development and career goals. Applicants at every career level should be given equal consideration.

  • Meet in real time at least once (via phone or in person) to review and reconcile all evaluation results.
  • Achieve consensus on recipients of the award no later than May 31. (All committee members are required to vote, unless they have an acknowledged conflict of interest.)
  • Monitor the submission of impact statements and follow-up reports from Annual Meeting Award recipients.
  • Comply with the Foundation’s conflict-of-interest policy when performing award review work.
  • Annually review and recommend revisions to the award application guidelines and submission form, as needed.

V. Meetings

The Committee meets via conference call periodically and may meet in person provided that 1) there is a compelling need and 2) the Board approves the necessary resources.


Adopted by the SAA Foundation Board of Directors, November 2019. Revised March 2021.