SAA Foundation Nominating Committee


I. Purpose

The Nominating Committee is responsible for creating a slate of Class B Board member candidates for nomination by the SAA Foundation Board to the SAA Council each year. The Nominating Committee is also responsible for recommending to the SAA Foundation Board a slate of non-Board members to serve two-year appointments on Foundation committees each year, as necessary. 

II. Committee Selection, Size, and Length of Term

The Nominating Committee is an appointed body of the SAA Foundation Board. The Committee consists of the SAA Foundation Board member currently serving on the SAA Foundation Executive Committee (who serves as Chair of the Nominating Committee) and three additional members of the Board, selected by the Board no later than the close of the Board’s annual meeting. SAA Foundation Board members in the last year of their current term are not eligible to serve on the Nominating Committee due to potential conflict if they are nominated to continue serving on the Board. The Executive Director serves ex officio with voice, but without vote.

SAA Foundation Board Members in the last year of their current term are eligible to serve on the Nominating Committee.  However, if such a Board Member then elects to put their name forward to serve on the Board for another term, that Board Member must recuse themselves from the process of considering candidates to move forward for nomination.In the event of such a recusal, the SAA Foundation President shall either serve in the recused Board member's place or name another Board member to do so. 

III. Reporting Procedures

The Nominating Committee reports to each full meeting of the Foundation Board of Directors and at other times as requested by the Board. 

IV. Duties and Responsibilities

  • Solicit from the SAA Foundation Board specific skills or expertise needed or desired for the coming year and beyond.
  • Review and revise the application requirements as necessary.
  • Issue a call for Board member and for non-Board committee member candidates on December 1. The application package includes submission of the application, including a diversity statement, and resume or curriculum vitae.
  • Review applications and recommend candidates for nomination as Class B members of the SAA Foundation Board.
  • Review applications and recommend candidates of non-Board members to serve on SAA Foundation committees for two-year terms.
  • Present final slates of candidates for Class B Board member positions and for non-Board member positions on committees to the SAA Foundation Board for discussion and approval by March 15. This timeline ensures that any action required by SAA Council for approval of Class B Board members can be taken prior to June 30.

V. Meetings

The Committee meets via conference call periodically and may meet in person provided that 1) there is a compelling need and 2) the Board approves the necessary resources.

Creation of committee approved by the SAAF Board, November 2017; description approved March 2018. Revisions approved, March 2022, July 2023.