Foundation Communications Subcommittee


Reports to: SAA Foundation Development Committee 
Established: November 2020

I. Purpose

The Communications Subcommittee collaborates with the Development Committee and staff to coordinate and streamline internal and external communications of the SAA Foundation Board in order to 1) increase understanding of how the Foundation functions and serves the profession and SAA and 2) support the Foundation’s development efforts.

II. Committee Selection, Size, and Length of Term

The Communications Subcommittee comprises at least two members of the Foundation Development Committee who are appointed by the Development Committee chair based on recommendations from the Development Committee and Board members. The Subcommittee members serve for one-year renewable terms. Subcommittee members generally are selected based on their expertise in communications and outreach.

III. Reporting Procedures

The Communications Subcommittee reports to the Development Committee monthly, provides a written report that is included with the Development Committee report to each full meeting of the Foundation Board of Directors, and reports at other times as requested by the Board.

IV. Duties and Responsibilities

  • Adhere to all laws and to Foundation policies and procedures as established by the Board of Directors.
  • Support the annual Board-approved Development Work Plan.
  • Implement internal communications (i.e., within the Foundation Board and its committees) directed to informing Board members of new developments; providing them with important updates across committees; orienting them to financial and non-profit management terms, budget review, organizational procedures, and parliamentary procedure; and reminding them of current tasks.
  • Implement external communications to foster connections between the SAA Foundation and SAA members. Examples may include:
    • Using social media, SAA Connect, and other online platforms to promote the work of the SAA Foundation to SAA members and key segments within the membership.
    • Initiating “get-to-know-us” profiles in Archival Outlook so that SAA members can learn more about Foundation Board members.
    • Hosting periodic virtual and/or in-person events or listening sessions to connect Board members with interested SAA members.

V. Meetings

The Subcommittee meets as needed via conference call or other electronic means.

Approved by the Foundation Board of Directors: November 2020.