Message from the Chair, Summer 2013

Message from the Chair

Well, summer is here, at least by the calendar and we are all looking forward to warmer weather and spending more time outdoors.  Also, we are getting closer to the SAA Annual Meeting; the preliminary program is now posted on the SAA website. 

Recently I have encountered a number of archivists who, when I ask if they are going to SAA in August, say…"New Orleans in August, are you kidding? It's too hot!"  Well, that has prompted me to put together the following Top Ten Reasons to Attend This Year’s SAA Annual Meeting:

10. Watch some Zephyrs baseball!

9.  Fantastic Cajun food!

8.  New Orleans is the only place where you can drink a hurricane and a hand grenade.

7.  Muffalettas at Central Grocery and Po’ Boys at Mother’s!

6.  Outstanding Dixieland music at Preservation Hall and great vendors at SAA’s Preservation Hall!

5.  Beignets and Café Au Lait at Café Du Monde.

4.  Gambling conveniently located across the street from the Hilton.

3.  Bourbon Street, do I need to say more!

2.  The Hilton has air conditioning as well as many other modern conveniences like indoor plumbing!

1.  It is hot and humid in most of country in August so you might as well come to New Orleans and have fun with your fellow Archivists! 

Just remember everyone will be hot and sweaty but a cold drink and good food will make you forget all about it.

We have a great Business Archives Colloquium planned for this year, based on feedback from last year's attendees.  More information about this year's Colloquium will be coming out very soon, so watch your email inboxes!

As of press time, voting is still open to elect the 2013-2014 BAS Steering Committee. Your vote counts! Please vote using your personalized ballot link sent by SAA Headquarters before end-of-day Friday, July 19.

Thank you and I hope you are having a great summer!



Scott D. Grimwood
Corporate Manager of Archives
SSM Health Care





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