BASQ Call for Submissions - Outside of Business (External Audiences)

We're ramping up for another edition of the Business Archives Section Quarterly (BASQ)!

This time we'll be dealing with the ways in which corporate archives engage with those outside of their businesses. Creating meaningful connections with external audiences is a major way for business archives to increase their profile and continue to prove the importance of their role in the company.

How do you interact with external audiences? We want to hear about it! Some examples could include:

  • Archives/history page on a corporate website
  • Content on social media - from Throwback Thursdays to the more in-depth
  • Tours - vendors, suppliers, consumers, VIPs... the list goes on!
  • Collaborations with museums, historical societies, universities
  • Pop-up exhibitions at stores, trade shows, community events, etc.

We are ideally looking for articles between 500 and 1,000 words in length, but are more than happy to work with you as ou develop your idea! Please reach out to to discuss - even if you're just thinking about submitting, we'd love to connect.

The deadline for these articles is September 27, 2019. Thank you, and we hope to hear from you!

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