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New Webinar: Forming Names According to RDA on December 4!

This new webinar will give an overview of the rules outlined in the Resource Description and Access (RDA) standard. You'll begin with a discussion of the benefits of authority work and authority structures, including available resources such as the Library of Congress Authorities and the Union List of Artists Names. Then we'll cover the construction of names for persons, corporate bodies, and families in detail and reference the specific rules as found in RDA. Learn more and register. 

SAA Council Refines Strategic Plan, Focuses on Diversity and Cultural Competency

Read about the Council’s November 9-11 discussions and decisions here. Minutes of the meeting will be available within 60 days.

Plan Now to Exhibit at ARCHIVES 2015

In August 2015, Cleveland will become the ARCHIVES capital of the world! You’ll have access to the year’s largest audience of archives, records, and information professionals who are eager to learn about your products and services, ask questions, and provide their perspectives. The ARCHIVES 2015 Expo brings together—in one place and at one time—the purchasing decision makers at the national, state, and local levels. Take advantage of their great ideas—and share a few of your own! Take advantage of their great ideas—and share a few of your own! Purchase your booth today!

"The Year of Living Dangerously for Archives" Challenge #2: Archives and the Human Face of War

SAA President Kathleen Roe launches Challenge #2, which focuses on ways to connect to the commemorations of Veterans Day on November 11, and Pearl Harbor Day on December 7. Take the opportunity to raise awareness of the importance and value of archives—this time by building on the existing interest in military conflicts and military service. Read more here.

Call for 2015 Student Paper and Poster Presentations

The 2015 Student Program Subcommittee is accepting proposals for two special sessions—a paper session and a poster session—dedicated to student scholarship during the Annual Meeting in Cleveland, August 16–22, 2015. Work from both master’s and doctoral students will be considered. Proposals are due February 2, 2015. Read more and submit your proposal here.

Get Involved! A Call to Service in SAA

SAA Vice President/President-Elect Dennis Meissner is now soliciting volunteers to serve on SAA appointed groups beginning in August 2015. If you’re interested in contributing to SAA’s growth—and developing professionally yourself!—review the list of open appointments and the volunteer formDeadline: January 20, 2015.

Ballot Set for 2015 Election

Sixteen candidates vying for four different offices are slated for SAA’s 2015 ballot. See the slate of candidates and read more about the 2015 election on SAA's 2015 election page.

Take Advantage of Learning about “Advocating for Archives” in One of the Workshops Scheduled December 8 or 9!

You value your profession, but aren’t sure how to make an impact in advocating for it? This workshop offered in support of SAA’s Strategic Goal 1: “Society values the vital role of archivists and archives” provides information on how to identify goals, develop and deliver a message, and implement methods for advocating for archives programs (including your own!) and archives issues. The instructor offers practical approaches, tangible models, and examples of materials needed to be an effective advocate. Read more at

Proposal Notification Schedule (Tentative)

The 2015 Call for Proposals has been closed for a month, and you are probably wondering when you will hear about the status of your proposal. Check out this year's notification schedule here.

This Veterans Day, share how the public can discover more about veterans by exploring your collections.

This Veterans Day and throughout the year, archivists around the country can help connect you with records, photographs, and information that can illuminate the lives and service of veterans. Our nation’s archives document not only the experiences of men and women engaged in combat far from home, but also the day-to-day struggles of their families and the impact of times of war on their communities. Read more.

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