2018/2019 Candidates for BAS Steering Committee


Vice Chair/Chair-Elect:



Neil Dahlstrom - John Deere


Candidate Statement:

Serving as the Business Archives Section vice-chair is an great opportunity to give back. I have benefited from the work of SAA, and in particular, the Business Archives Section (BAS), since the early 2000s. I look forward to building on the inclusiveness and collaborative spirit of BAS, and appreciate how much smarter it makes me and how much credibility it gives me in my own organization. Truly we have demonstrated that we have more in common than we have in differences, and it’s important to continue to build on that philosophy. I believe BAS is about three types of connections: 1) connections to each other, 2) connections to SAA, the archival profession, and the next generation of archivists, and 3) connections to our organizations. 


As business archivists, our demands and impacts are greater than ever. I look forward to further empowering our members by connecting people through great tours and programs, our first-class newsletter and social media channels, networking opportunities, and continuing to build the mentorship program. Recent leadership has provided a great roadmap that I hope to continue and enhance.


Vice Editor 



Joey Denton   Atmos Energy Corporation

Candidate Statement: 

I am a records management specialist and the archivist for Atmos Energy Corporation. I have an MA in History from The University of Texas at Arlington with a focus on archives and public history, and am a certified archivist. When I was hired 3 years ago, there was no archive, so I have been developing all aspects of the program myself. I didn’t know anything about business archives or how different they would be from what I learned in school, so this section has been incredibly helpful. Reading what other business archivists do gives me inspiration and guidance in my own work.


I am running for the position of Vice-Content Editor/Content Editor because I want to contribute to this section. I want to make sure it continues to be a valuable resource for its members by ensuring that the section webpage is up-to-date, that it has easy-to-find, current information that is useful, and that the monthly newsletters, social media, and SAA Connect posts raise awareness of what we do, issues we face, and what the section has to offer.



Dave J. Moore - Carhartt 


Candidate Statement:

I am extremely motivated to bring more attention to the world of business archives. Through the Vice-Editor position, I know I can help gain further exposure for the amazing stories of legacy and heritage that exist in every single one of the institutions that are represented in the BAS. I feel that my work at Carhartt provides a great resume for this role. I work heavily with our social media department and have even established monthly live features to highlight artifacts and the day-to-day work of the archive. I’ve collaborated with our e-commerce department to establish a blog that provides monthly features on historical topics. I am also regularly involved in public relations, serving in both an advisory capacity and as an on-camera/on-mic brand ambassador.


I want to take all of the skills gained from these experiences and bring them to bear on a larger scale. I want to help BAS members gain more access to relevant content so they can be inspired by their colleagues and build on each other’s ideas. I want to establish more awareness in the larger SAA community of the hard work, unique challenges, and rewarding opportunities involved in corporate archives. I hope that you will seriously consider me for the position of Vice-Editor. Thank you!





Krista Ferrante - MITRE Corporation 


Candidate Statement:

During my time as a Corporate Archivist, BAS has been a valuable resource and I’m ready to give back to the section that has given me so much inspiration.  From 2011-2014, I was a member of the EAD Roundtable Steering Committee.  I have also served on many committees in the New England Archivists including as co-chair of the Program Committee (2015-2017), local arrangements committee member (2013-2015) and Web coordinator (2007-2011).  


I am currently the Corporate Archivist at the MITRE Corporation.  I manage and direct the arrangement and description of the collection which includes several thousand audio visual items, photographs and technical reports.  I also direct outreach efforts to promote use of the collection including a multi-year effort to declassify nearly four thousand documents.  I co-manage the company’s 60th anniversary celebrations with our corporate communications team.  I have learned that modern corporate records require a holistic descriptive approach and a familiarity with the company’s business processes.


Thank you for considering me for Secretary of the Business Archives Section.



Cristina Vignone - Tiffany & Co.


Candidate Statement: 

I have been a member of SAA since 2012, the year I entered graduate school and officially began my career as an archivist. At my first SAA conference as a young professional, I felt an immediate sense of community in the BAS, where likeminded archivists shared with and learned from one another. Since then, my involvement with the BAS and its members has grown. I’m active on the listserv, where we informally share our knowledge with each other, and I presented along with my colleagues at last year’s colloquium. I’m also currently a protégé in the Mentorship Program and the positive experience I’ve had with my mentor has made me want to become a mentor in turn. To further grow my involvement in the BAS and to interact more closely with the section’s members, I submit myself as a candidate for the Secretary position. I’m eager to learn more about the inner workings of the BAS and look forward to the opportunity to do so while serving on the Steering Committee. I’m the Assistant Archivist at the Tiffany & Co. Archives, where my responsibilities include maintaining and managing the company’s historical design, manufacturing and business records. I hold a Master of Archives and Public History degree, with a concentration in Archives, from New York University and a Master of Library and Information Science degree from Long Island University’s Palmer School of Library and Information Science




Aileen Caldwell – Thrivent Financial


Candidate Statement:

I have been a Corporate Archivist at Thrivent Financial since 2015, following work in public libraries and records management. I earned my MLIS from Kent State University in 2012, as well as my Certified Archivist designation in 2016. In addition to my regular archival duties at Thrivent, I lead our advocacy initiatives, working to build internal awareness of the archives, expand the oral history program, and make connections across the company. I am a member of the Southeastern Wisconsin Archives Group (SWAG) and the Midwestern Archives Conference (MAC).


As Member-At-Large, I would be excited to represent the membership of the Business Archives Section by partnering with the rest of the Steering Committee to move our goals forward. Advocating for the effectiveness, usefulness, and necessity of the archives is a core part of my work at Thrivent, and I will carry this commitment into my work on the Committee. I am also excited by the prospect of helping the Immediate Past Chair with advocacy activities, including maintaining the Business Archives Advocacy Toolkit, a resource that is consistently an asset to my work at Thrivent. 


The BAS meetings are always a highlight of my SAA experiences, and I value the work of the members in creating such effective, interesting, and relevant programming. As a first-time candidate for a BAS position, I am especially motivated to contribute to the Section and to expand my knowledge of the archival profession. Being elected as the BAS Member-At –Large would allow me to use my advocacy and communication skills to serve the Section membership and move the business of the Section forward.



Scott Grimwood - SSM Health 


Candidate Statement: 

Scott Grimwood is the System Manager - Archives for SSM Health, a Catholic health care system based in St. Louis, Missouri.  Scott also manages the archives of the Franciscan Sisters of Mary, the founding congregation of SSM Health.


Scott has 30 years’ experience in the archives and records management field.  He began his career in local government records, and then after a short stint in commercial records storage moved into business archives spending 10 years with a non-profit foundation before moving to SSM Health in 2004.


Scott is a member of several archival organizations including SAA, Midwest Archives Conference, & ALHHS as well as two local St. Louis archival groups.  Scott recently served on the Program Committee for the 2013 MAC Annual Meeting and is currently chair of the Business Archives Section of SAA.  

Scott earned his BA in History from the University of Michigan – Dearborn in 1986 and a MLIS from Wayne State University in 1995, and became a Certified Archivist in 2007.



Natalie Morath - General Motors 


Candidate Statement:

Natalie Morath, Lead Archivist & Curator, General Motors Design Archive & Special Collections, Warren, Michigan is a graduate of Wayne State's School of Information Science, where she received her MLIS and a Graduate Certificate in Archival Administration in 2011. After stints at the Detroit Institute of Arts and Eastern Michigan University, she became the Lead Archivist & Curator at the General Motors Design Archive & Special Collections (DASC), a position she has held since 2014. 


As Lead Archivist, Natalie manages the physical and digital collections of the DASC, preserving the history of design within General Motors. In this role she also contributes to the historic preservation of the GM Technical Center, a National Historic Landmark campus designed by Eero Saarinen. In her time at GM Design, she has curated exhibitions, including several that have travelled nationally; she also managed the Archive's recovery efforts following a disastrous flood that damaged a significant number of records. She has contributed to the profession by speaking on panels, publishing papers, and mentoring other archivists. Her long-term goals are to continue serving the historic preservation of General Motors while also improving education, training and outreach for business archivists.



Samuel Smallidge - Converse


Candidate Statement: 

I have been the Archivist for Converse since 2010. I am the first full time archivist in the 109-year history of Converse. This has provided me with many challenges, but in the corporate world, challenges are often framed as opportunities. I have grown the archive from an empty room with nice shelving to a collection of over 10,000 items. I have also increased the staff from 1 full time archivist to 2 full time archivists and a part time student worker. This growth in the Converse Archive is due in part to having attended the Business Archive Section’s annual meeting.


The first Business Archives Section meeting I attended was in 2011. The meeting provided me with hundreds of ideas to bring back to my company, and I have found that subsequent meetings have also provided this much-needed professional spark. Many of the ideas and tools I have taken from BAS meetings have involved advocacy. They have inspired me to advocate for more resources and to tell better stories from the archive. If elected, I look forward to serving the BAS, working to update the advocacy toolkit, and helping to give back to the part of SAA that has provided me with so much inspiration.


Prior to working at Converse, I worked as the Assistant Archivist at the Congregational Library and Archive from 2008-2010. I was also an intern at the Ernest Hemingway Collection at the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum from 2008-2010.  I hold an MA in History and MSLIS with a concentration in Archives Management from Simmons College. I have been a member of the New England Archivists since 2007 and presented at NEA meetings in 2012 and 2014. I have been a member of the Society of American Archivists since 2007 and presented at the annual SAA meeting in 2016. Starting in April 2018, I am a member of the Advisory Committee for the Northeast Document Conservation Center.


Education Chair



Jennifer Johnson - Cargill, Incorporated


 Candidate Statement: 

Last year, I served as the Business Archives Section first Education Chair, and I would welcome the opportunity to continue in that role for another year. I would like this position to serve as a resource for both our section members and the wider SAA community. In addition to maintaining the Section mentor/protégé program, and finding ways to promote corporate archives to SNAP, I have ideas on reaching more broadly. I would like to establish a base of BAS members who would be willing to speak with graduate students about corporate archives, and then share those names with SAA student chapters. This may be the only exposure new archivists have to corporate archives, since business archives do not feature strongly in most curricula. The SAA Education Director has expressed interest in working with the Section on workshops and webinars, and I would like to build a relationship with that office so that our members have both development and educational opportunities that are directed at our interests. Lastly, I would like to better support our section members, let me know your education needs and I will work to meet them.


Past leadership experience - SAA: Business Archives Section Education Chair, 2017-2018; Career Development Subcommittee, 2014-2017; Nominating Committee, 2013-2014; Business Archives Section Steering Committee Member At Large, 2011-2012; Education Committee, Member and Chair, 2007-2011. MAC: President, 2015-2017; Council Member, 2012-2015; Education Committee, 2011-2015. Twin Cities Archives Round Table: President, 2010-2014.



2017/2018 Business Archives Section: Vote for Standing Rules Revision

We are happy to announce a few changes regarding the roles of our Steering Committee Members.  First and probably most immediate is the new position of Education Chair.  This position is open for nominations now and here is the description of the role:

The Education Chair is responsible for the promotion of business archives to students, new professionals, and others interested in becoming a business archivist, and will act as liason to the Students and New Professionals Section. The Educational Chair will also lead educational efforts and opportunities of interest to the Section, including management of the BAS Mentorship program, and will solicit volunteer assistance with these programs as needed.

In addition, we are revising/adding to the role of the Past Chair and Member-At-Large:

The Immediate Past Chair will be responsible for maintaining the Business Archives Advocacy Toolkit and monitoring general advocacy efforts as related to business archivists, their repositories or their collections, with the assistance of the Member-At-Large.

Please read and review the proposed revision to the Business Archives Section Standing Rules before the election.  (You can find the current and previous versions of the BAS Standing Rules (previously Bylaws) under the Governance section.)

2017-2018 Business Archives Section: Election Results

Here, below, is a listing of the candidates elected to serve the open positions. Thank you to all candidates and for all who voted:

Vice Chair/Chair-Elect

Greg McCoy
Procter & Gamble

Vice Editor

Meredith Torre
Atlanta Housing Authority


Michele McKinnon Fricke
Capital Group

Member at Large

Lauren Gaylord
Pixar Animation Studios

Education Chair

Jennifer Johnson
Cargill, Inc.


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