2021-2022 Business Archives Section Election Candidates

Thank you to all of the excellent candidates who have stepped forward this year to run for office. Please take some time to review their candidate statements and get to know them so you can make an informed choice.

The open positions are:

  • Vice Chair (3 year term: 1 year Vice Chair, 1 year Chair, 1 year Immediate Past Chair)
  • Vice Editor (2 year term: 1 year Vice Editor, 1 year Editor)
  • Education Chair (1 year term)
  • Secretary (1 year term)
  • Member-at-Large (1 year term)
  • Early Career Member (1 year term, Non-elected position)

The ballots will be managed by SAA staff through Survey Monkey, so keep an eye on your inbox for when the ballot opens.


Vice Chair

  • Sarah Polirer, CA, CRM - Manager - Cigna Corporate Research Department

Vice Editor

  • Vanessa Ayer - Senior Image Specialist - Kohler Co.
  • Nikki Nguyen - Archival Collections Manager - Walt Disney Archives

Education Chair

  • Cesar Gallegos - Archivist - The Walt Disney Company
  • LJ Strumpf - Asst. Corporate Archivist - IBM


  • Erin Grady - Archivist - Gap Inc. Heritage Lab
  • Natalie Morath - Lead Archivist & Curator - General Motors
  • Katherine Siddle - Sample Librarian - lululemon athletica


  • Shira Bistricer - Archivist - The Winthrop Group at Citigroup
  • Nathan Myers - Historian - Augusta National Golf Club

Early Career Member (Non-Elected Position)

  • Samantha Citarella - Corporate Assistant Archivist - NYSE 

Candidate Statements:

Vice Chair

Sarah Polirer, CA, CRM
Manager | Cigna Corporate Research Department

It is important for business archivist to have a role in shaping SAA’s future and business archives. There is a symbiotic relationship between our professional organization and the unique role that business archivists play in their organization. Our professional organizations play a role on how our organizations view the work that we do. The recent pandemic and civic unrest has forced many of us to re-evaluate how we craft our services to our organizations and SAA needs to assist all archivists (in all environments) to be successful. I am passionate about the integral role that Archives play in a business setting and how as Archivist we can leverage the synergies of related disciplines, partners and each other to move programs forward. Partnerships, communication, and learning from each other are our strengths that we need to continue to leverage to move into new unchartered territories.


It is also important that business archivists in all settings have a voice and to that end communication between each other, the SAA, BAS steering committee and its BAS membership need to be ongoing. There are many opportunities to build upon and continue – BAS Colloquium, Newsletter, Quarterly Meetings, social channels, the Business Archives workshop, educational programs, mentoring and a seat on Council. There are ongoing discussions on salary in job postings, educating/training new archivists beyond archival techniques, diversity as well as new issues, such as dealing with the pandemic and its personal and economic impacts. These topics and many others need the business archivist perspective and the unique experiences each of us brings to the table. I hope you will give me the opportunity to serve the Business Archives Section and champion these ongoing and new efforts as they present themselves. 



  • Practicing Archivist for over 30 years and past 19 years at Cigna; the Archivist for the NYS Office of Court Administration; Reference Archivist at the Harvard University Archives. 
  • Leadership: SAA/RBMS Joint Committee on  ACRL/RBMS - SAA Task Force on the Development of Standardized Statistical Measures for the Public Services of Archival Repositories and Special Collections Libraries (2014-2017); Chair/Vice Chair/Secretary SAA Records Management Round Table (1996-2004); President/Steering Committee ARMA - Stamford/White Plains Chapter (1999-2002); VP Archivist Round Table of Metropolitan New York (ART) (1994-1995); ART Archives Week Committee (1992-1995); MARAC program/local arrangement committees (1994/1997); NEA local arrangement committee (1988); NYALGRO-NYC Chapter Steering Committee and Symposium committee (1995-1998); Adjunct Professor at Simmons teaching Managing Information in Electronic Environments (a/k/a Records Management) (2012-2017)
  • Chaired numerous sessions, given presentations/papers at numerous archival conferences (SAA, NEA, MARAC, NYAC), Historical Societies, local ARMA chapters, and Genealogical meetings on various aspects of archives, records management and genealogy including managing, appraising, accessing, preserving, researching records, and disaster recovery
  • Led numerous training sessions on archives and records management
  • Currently editing a book on Managing Business Archives for SAA with fellow business archivists

Vice Editor


Vanessa Ayer
Senior Image Specialist, Kohler Co.

I am excited for the opportunity to nominate myself for the Vice Editor position within the Business Archives Section of SAA. I began my career in corporate archives in October 2014, and I was introduced to the Society of American Archivists organization shortly after. SAA has always been an integral part of my career. Through this organization, I have met many accomplished professionals who have contributed to my growth within this profession. I have always been passionate about finding creative ways to share content and establish a voice for archivists and historians. I look forward to expanding my network while sharpening my skills as a content creator to ultimately impact this amazing organization.



Nikki Nguyen
Archival Collections Manager, Walt Disney Archives

I am very excited to run for the position of Vice Editor for the BAS, as I would like to be more involved in the business archive community and leverage my past writing, editing and social media experience from my time in the archival, museum and education fields.


In my past work, I have been involved in communications efforts to staffers and the general public that include newsletters, social media postings, and editing of public facing content. I am a quick learner and am passionate about always bringing an eye for improvement and expansion to everything I do, while also ensuring that my efforts are grounded in understanding the current situation and getting feedback from stakeholders. I am actively developing an understanding of DEI principles and practices and would work to ensure communication is intended for a broad and diverse audience with accessibility as a key consideration.


For the past 5 years, I have worked in the Walt Disney Archives, currently in the role of Archival Collections Manager.  My past experience includes working for the San Diego Museum of Art and the Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego, teaching Art History and Music Appreciation at a small media arts college and founding a successful private music lessons studio that was in business for 5 years. I have an M.A. in Museum Studies from Syracuse University and am actively taking SAA and SCA courses as well as having completed several graduate level archival courses through the University of Arizona. In 2019, I presented at the International Council on Archives Business Archives conference, and I am a member of SCA and SAA.

Education Chair

Cesar Gallegos
Archivist, The Walt Disney Company

This past year our profession, along with so many others, has had to reinvent and learn new ways to approach our jobs. Many of us have spent that time re-educating ourselves, balancing working from home and remotely caring for collections.


Now, as we look to the future and the reintegration into our offices, we come with new perspectives and insight. Continuing as the Education Chair I look forward to finding ways to reconnect and share our diverse knowledge, experience, and expertise. Creating space to come together, inspire, and find support has always been one of our greatest strengths. As Education Chair I look forward to creating these spaces and helping us get back to business.   



LJ Strumpf
Asst. Corporate Archivist,  IBM

“There is no saturation point in education.” That quote, attributed to longtime IBM CEO Thomas Watson, Sr., eloquently captures why we all should be dedicated to a lifetime of learning. Business archivists confront constant changes to how we perform our jobs. Recruiting new people into the profession can serve to augment our existing skills while encouraging us to explore new technological frontiers. If elected to the position of Education Chair, I would be committed to advancing the mission of our section by coordinating and promoting educational opportunities for all those who aspire to become business archivists.


I’ve been employed full-time as an archivist at IBM since 2010 and was elevated to my current role with the company in 2015. I’ve presented at two regional conferences, including MARAC’s Business Archives Forum in 2017. For the past three years, I’ve served as a mentor for new archivists as part of the BAS Mentorship Program. Prior to my archives experience, I facilitated internal training classes for seasonal hires at a tax preparation firm. My graduate degrees (MA in History, MS in Information Science) are both from the University at Albany, State University of New York. 




Erin Grady
Archivist, Gap Inc. Heritage Lab

I am applying for the Secretary position on the BAS Steering Committee. I believe I’d be a good fit as I am a prolific note taker and great at writing reports. For my job, I write a monthly and yearly activity report for my bosses and stakeholders to showcase how the Gap Inc. Heritage Lab is contributing to the company’s goals. I know these skills will transfer with prepping an Annual Report and taking meeting minutes.

I am the Archivist for the Gap Inc. Heritage Lab, the San Francisco based marketing and business records archive. I’ve been in this position since September 2017, first as a contractor and now as a full-time employee. This is my first archival position. 

Before becoming an Archivist, I was a Furniture and Decorative Arts Assistant for Michaan’s Auctions in Alameda, CA. I cataloged 600+ objects a month, coordinated with photography, gave private tours to clients, and clerked the auctions. I transitioned into the Archive field after a disappointing two years in the auction world, and haven’t looked back since.

Natalie Morath
Lead Archivist & Curator, General Motors

Currently I serve as the Lead Archivist & Curator for General Motors Design Archive & Special Collections; in this role I handle the acquisition of new material, processing and preservation, research and reference support, digitization initiatives, collaboration with other institutions and the creation of exhibitions that illustrate the history of design at General Motors. 


After attending Wayne State University for my MIS, I was certified by the ACA and have served in numerous professional organizations, including the ACA and Midwest Archives Section, in a variety of roles. As a part of these activities I've recruited and welcomed new members, organized conference events, led tours, published, edited and juried papers, and presented. I've really enjoyed my time as part of BAS and look forward to continuing its growth.


Katherine Siddle
Sample Librarian | lululemon athletica

As a special librarian who runs a garment archive, I bring a different perspective to archival work. I am a relatively new member of SAA, but in the last 12 months, I have found the support of the SAA Business Archives Section invaluable in navigating the sometimes mysterious world of business archives. I would like to support this community by running for Business Archives Section Secretary.


I chose this position because I’m a documentation nerd who weirdly enjoy taking notes in meetings.  (I was always like this, but a four-year stint in technical copywriting really cemented it). I value clear and timely communication, and I believe that good notes are key for effective action and group decision-making.


This year, I have also served as one of SAA’s volunteer career counsellors, where I discuss career planning and corporate archives with new students and mid-career professionals.  This experience has been very rewarding, and I would like to continue meeting other archivists through SAA.



Shira Bistricer
Archivist, The Winthrop Group at Citigroup

Since I began working in a corporate archive setting in 2014, I have benefited from the Business Archives Section and its community of business archivists. I have enjoyed the welcoming atmosphere of the Section and committee members’ willingness to share knowledge and insight. I’d love the opportunity to contribute to the Section and support the membership by joining the Steering Committee. As the Member-at-Large, I’d look forward to sharing my experience and perspective while collaborating with and learning from my colleagues on the BAS steering committee.


In the position, I’d welcome communication and ideas from the membership and would work to build on the encouraging environment of mutual-support, curiosity, and excitement for professional growth that is so valuable in the BAS.


Nathan Myers
Historian, Augusta National Golf Club

As Historian of Augusta National Golf Club, I have had the privilege to work and discuss with some of you the unique challenges and opportunities that come with being a corporate archivist. And though my position straddles the lines of what some of us would consider to be the traditional “archivist” role, I believe it offers me a distinct view and opportunity in providing BAS with a perspective I hope the section can benefit from. This experience also includes aspects of where my career started, with the National Archives and museums worlds, which I have brought with me to better understand the role that complex institutions can play as a benefit and hindrance on the mission of our collections.

That path also comes with an understanding of the wider breadth to which archives are valued in these various worlds and how best to navigate and take advantage of the opportunities that may become available. I am a strong believer in collaboration among institutions and that mutual support and open dialogue is an advantage for us all. I am hopeful that given the opportunity to serve on the BAS Steering Committee, my experience, coupled with open, collaborative discussion will prove beneficial to the members of the section. Since joining BAS 7 years ago, I have been impressed with those who have led and provided some the new ideas and advancement in resources for its members and believe I too can play a role in continuing these efforts.


Early Career Member - Non-Elected Position


Samantha Citarella
Corporate Assistant Archivist, NYSE

(c) 2019 AE Fletcher Photography

Sam is the Corporate Assistant Archivist at the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), where she works with the Corporate Archivist to preserve the most important records documenting the NYSE’s 229-year long history. Her duties include accessioning, processing, describing, and providing access to the company’s Archives. She also serves as the primary Administrator of the company’s archival database.

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