2020-2021 Business Archives Section Election Candidates

Thank you to all of the excellent candidates who have stepped forward this year to run for office. Please take some time to review their candidate statements and get to know them so you can make an informed choice.

The open positions are:

  • Vice Chair (3 year term: 1 year Vice Chair, 1 year Chair, 1 year Immediate Past Chair)
  • Vice Editor (2 year term: 1 year Vice Editor, 1 year Editor)
  • Education Chair (1 year term)
  • Secretary (1 year term)
  • Member-at-Large (1 year term)

The ballots will be managed by SAA staff through Survey Monkey, so keep an eye on your inbox for when the ballot opens.


Vice Chair

  • Sarah A. Polirer, CA, CRM - Manager - Cigna Corporate Research Department
  • Angelique M. Richardson, CA, CRA - Director of Archives and Records - Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Atlanta

Vice Editor

  • Lynne Drake - Sr. Manager, Archives - Walt Disney Archives

Education Chair

  • Kate Fair - Archivist - Vanguard
  • Cesar Gallegos - Archivist - The Walt Disney Company


  • Lauren Dreger - Archivist - The Winthrop Group at Ford Motor Company


  • Sarah Latva - Archivist - Amway Historical Archives

Candidate Statements:

Vice Chair

Sarah A. Polirer, CA, CRM
Manager | Cigna Corporate Research Department

I believe it is important for business archivists to have a role in shaping SAA’s future and business archives. It is critical that our professional organization continue to understand the unique role that business archivists play in their organization and that professional organizations play a role on how our organizations view the work that we do. The recent COVID-19 situation has forced many of us to re-evaluate how we craft our services to our organizations and SAA needs to assist all archivists (in all environments) to be successful. I am passionate about the integral role that Archives play in a business setting and how as Archivist we can leverage the synergies of related disciplines, partners and each other to move programs forward. Partnerships, communication, and learning from each other are our strengths that we need to continue to leverage to move into new uncharted territories.

It is also important that business archivists in all settings have a voice and to that end communication between each other, the SAA, BAS steering committee and its BAS membership need to be ongoing. There are many opportunities to build upon and continue – BAS Colloquium, Newsletter, Quarterly Meetings, social channels, Business Archives workshop, educational programs, mentoring and a seat on Council. There are ongoing discussions on salary in job postings, educating/training new archivists beyond archival techniques as well as new issues, such as dealing with COV-19. These topics and many others need the business archivist perspective and the experience each of us brings to the table. I hope you will give me the opportunity to serve the Business Archives Section and champion these ongoing and new efforts as they present themselves.


  • Practicing Archivist for over 30 years and past 18 years at Cigna; the Archivist for the NYS Office of Court Administration; Reference Archivist at the Harvard University Archives. 
  • Leadership: SAA/RBMS Joint Committee on  ACRL/RBMS - SAA Task Force on the Development of Standardized Statistical Measures for the Public Services of Archival Repositories and Special Collections Libraries (2014-2017); Chair/Vice Chair/Secretary SAA Records Management Round Table (1996-2004); President/Steering Committee ARMA - Stamford/White Plains Chapter (1999-2002); VP Archivist Round Table of Metropolitan New York (ART) (1994-1995); ART Archives Week Committee (1992-1995); MARAC program/local arrangement committees (1994/1997); NEA local arrangement committee (1988); NYALGRO-NYC Chapter Steering Committee and Symposium committee (1995-1998); Adjunct Professor at Simmons teaching Managing Information in Electronic Environments (2012-2017).
  • Chaired numerous sessions, given presentations/papers at numerous archival conferences (SAA, NEA, MARAC, NYAC), Historical Societies, local ARMA chapters, and Genealogical meetings on various aspects of archives, records management and genealogy including managing, appraising, accessing, preserving, researching records, and disaster recovery.
  • Led numerous training sessions on archives and records management.
  • Currently editing a book on Business Archives for SAA with fellow business archivist.
Angelique M. Richardson, CA, CRA
Director of Archives and Records | Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Atlanta

I would love to serve as Vice Chair/Chair-Elect and have the opportunity to potentially become involved with the BAS Steering Committee again. The BAS Colloquium and Social are hands-down my favorite parts of the SAA Annual Conference and, as Vice Chair, I would very much enjoy planning and organizing those events, while also adding my thoughts about the BAS and its future to those of the entire Steering Committee. The BAS has always been an incredibly welcoming group, full of wonderful ideas that have helped me throughout the 10+ years I have been an SAA member. I look forward to helping shape its future during our uncertain present.

Since 2017 I have been the Director of Archives and Records for the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Atlanta, previously serving as the Archivist from 2012-2017. Before that, I worked as a Project Archivist for The Winthrop Group, Inc. from 2009-2012 at the Kraft Foods Corporate Archives. I have a Master of Science in Information specializing in Archives and Records Management from the University of Michigan. During my time at Michigan, I had archival internships at The Coca-Cola Company and at Entertainment Weekly Magazine, and also worked in the Digital Conversion Unit of the University Library. I have a Bachelor of Arts in International Business and German from Bradley University where my love for archives began as a student worker for a non-profit organization’s historical collection held in the Special Collections department of the University Library.

Leadership experience: SAA Foundation Board Member, 2018-present; ACDA Treasurer, 2017-present; ACDA Webmaster, 2015-present; SAA Appointments Committee, 2018; SAA BAS Steering Committee, Editor, 2016-2017; SAA Host Committee, 2016; SAA BAS Steering Committee, Vice-Editor, 2015-2016; SGA Georgia Archives Month Committee, Co-Chair, 2015 & 2016; SAA ARCS Steering Committee, Member-at-Large, 2014-2016; SAA ARCS Steering Committee, Liaison to the Standards Committee, 2013-2014; SGA Scholarship Committee, 2013 & 2014

Vice Editor

Lynne Drake
Sr. Manager, Archives | Walt Disney Archives

I have been a part of SAA for the past 12 years, working in three different corporate settings. Meeting colleagues, as well as the sharing of advice and support among our members, especially in the Business Archives Section, has been rewarding both personally and professionally. As Vice Editor, working with the Steering Committee, I will continue the work to expand the sharing of our stories and contributions both within our group, the broader business world, and the general public. I look forward to the opportunity to serve as Vice Editor.

Education Chair

Kate Fair
Archivist | Vanguard

Hello BAS section members! I am putting forth my name as a candidate for BAS Education Chair. The BAS community has been a much needed resource during my early career years; I would be honored to give back by working to further that legacy for the next generation of archives students and new professionals. Where SAA’s size felt overwhelming as a new professional, the spirit of camaraderie among BAS section members made for a more accessible and welcoming environment. In particular, the one-to-one mentorship program has helped me grow exponentially as an archivist, and a business professional. Motivated by the work of my talented peers, and a desire to further the excellent work of the education programs, I am eager to take on a more active role in the BAS. If elected, I will continue the work undertaken by past education chairs while looking to identify new programming opportunities.


Kate Fair is an Archivist at Vanguard, an investment management firm located in Malvern, Pennsylvania. Her responsibilities include managing the archives' oral history program, processing digital material, and fielding reference and research inquiries. Prior to her current position, Kate worked in Clemson University’s Special Collections Library and the Delaware Public Archives. She was an active member of the Mid-Atlantic Regional Conference (MARAC) and served as a co-chair of its fall 2018 conference. Kate received her MSLIS with a concentration in Archives Management from Simmons College in 2014, and is a Digital Archives Specialist (2018) and a certified archivist (2019). Outside of her professional life, Kate is an avid concert goer and sports fan, and enjoys annual summer vacations in Maine.

Cesar Gallegos
Archivist | The Walt Disney Company

I am very excited to nominate myself for the Education Chair position. My interest in the position is rooted in the belief that building community and mentorship is a core value in our profession.

As Education Chair, I would continue to advocate fostering community engagement and mentorship with students and new professionals. I would also help facilitate opportunities for our section to share their knowledge and experiences through creative educational programming, highlighting the uniqueness and strengths of our network of business archives professionals.

Since starting at the UCI Archives and Special Collections, I have gained diverse work experiences. Working at the American Museum of Natural History in New York, followed by the Charles M. Schulz Museum and Research Center, 20th Century Fox Studios and now the Walt Disney Archives, my work as an archivist has always been grounded on the willingness to encourage community and build on our collective knowledge. Most recently, as part of the SAA Program Committee and Chair of the Student Program Subcommittee, I experienced first-hand how significant sharing this collective knowledge can be. There is such great value in what we can do together.


Lauren Dreger
Archivist | The Winthrop Group at Ford Motor Company

I am running for a second term as Business Archives Section Secretary. My time on the Steering Committee has been a rewarding experience both professionally and personally, helping me to grow as a business archivist. If elected to a second term, I hope to be able to ensure that the records of the committee proceedings are continuously kept in a timely and accurate manner. The support and work of the BAS is an invaluable resource to the profession, and I look forward to an opportunity to continue supporting and providing advocacy for business archives.


Sarah Latva
Archivist | Amway Historical Archives

I have been involved in the Business Archives Section of SAA since my first exposure to corporate archives with Amway in 2011. This section is an extremely valuable resource and community, and as Member-at-Large, I would like to continue helping foster the relationships, sharing of resources, and our communication and connectedness with each other. Many of us are lone arrangers, new to the private sector, or looking for best practices, and it would be an honor to give back and serve the business archives community to help further strengthen the resources and relationships so valuable to all of us.

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