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The Business Archives Section (BAS) provides a vital mechanism for archivists to become active in the work of the Society of American Archivists (SAA) and for meeting members with a common interest in managing and providing access to business archives.

The Business Archives Section is comprised of employees of corporations, businesses, non-profit organizations and associations, who administer and provide access to non-current records of a historical or archival nature.  The conduct of business for this section is guided by the by-laws (PDF) maintained on this site.

Business Archives in North America: Invest in Your Future, Understand Your Past provides a brief explanation of business archives and the archivist's role in developing, collecting and maintaining the records of business entities.  If you are interested in what business archives are all about, this is a good article to start your research.



ICA SBA Meeting in Atlanta April 4-5, 2016

We would like to invite you to attend the International Council on Archives Section on Business Archives in Atlanta this April.  

The theme of the meeting is Sustainable Archives, which includes such topics as sustaining an archive in an increasingly competitive business environment, how archives can contribute to sustainable business patterns and even how to sustain and grow a brand.

These broad ranging topics should include an exciting mix of thinking with the inclusion of members of the Business Archives Section of the Society of American Archivist.  These broad ranging topics discussed within a global group of speakers and participants will result in exciting outlooks and ideas.

 We look forward to welcoming you to Atlanta for the first meeting of the Section on Business Archives of the ICA in the U.S.  If you are interested in attending, please register via the link below.  Attendance will be capped at 160 people, so act quickly!

 There is no registration fee for attendees. Hosting costs provided courtesy of The Coca-Cola Company Archives.

 International Council of Archives - Registration Website

BAS 2015/2016 Election Results

Congratulations to our new Steering Committee Members!  They will be joining our returning members to help guide the Business Archives Section for the next year.  Please give everyone a warm welcome!

Chair: Bill Jackson, Harley-Davidson Motor Company

Vice Chair: Jamie Martin, IBM (newly elected)

Editor: Sarah Wagner, Amway

Vice Editor: Angelique Richardson, Archdiocese of Atlanta (newly elected)

Secretary: Shaun Kirkpatrick, ACE Group (newly elected)

Member at Large: Tracey Panek, Levi Strauss & Co. (newly elected)

Past Chair: Jamal Booker, The Coca-Cola Company

Put a face with a name by checking out the Steering Committee's photos on our Leadership page.



Update SAA ListServ E-mail Preferences

As discussed at our annual meeting last week, please ensure you update your SAA ListServ E-mail preferences (to "subscribe") to ensure you receive communications from the Business Archives Section (and any other sections/roundtables you are involved in).

Don't forget to also stay up-to-date with BAS on FacebookLinkedIn, and Twitter!

If you have any questions, please contact us at  



2014 Advocacy Survey Results

Attached for the section membership's review are the results of the advocacy survey that was conducted earlier this year.  BAS Chair Steve Hausfeld will be discussing these results and next steps in more detail at the upcoming Colloquium.  Please look over the results prior to the meeting and address any questions to Steve at that time or send them to  



Advocating For Business Archives Toolkit

The BAS Steering Committee is pleased to publish the first version of the "Advocating for Business Archives Toolkit".  Advocating for one's self and archival collection is a constant effort, and unfortunately there's no silver bullet that will work for every business archives every time.  As stated in the 2013 defense of the Georgia State Archives, "Too often, advocacy is effectively crisis management, responding to specfic events.  Proactively developing a plan allows time to consider a range of options, find ways to refine the message, and identify and educate a broad range of stakeholders."

Therefore the intent of this page is to provide Business Archives Section (BAS) members with a resource center to allow development of individualized advocacy plans to avert future issues, and if necessary to successfully "win the day".  There is a wealth of advocacy information available, and this list is not exhaustive but merely a starting place for you develop your own policies.  Materials listed and provided are not endorsed by BAS, but rather provide solid examples for you to consider leveraging.  

We welcome your suggestions and additions!  Send them to  



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Please use these sites to post any stories, articles, job postings or content related to business archives that you run across the web and want to share.  

We kindly ask not to use these sites as a platform to solicit or sell products or services. 

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