Section Officers and Position Descriptions

Section Leaders: 2019-2020 Official Roster

Chair: Neil Dahlstrom, John Deere

Vice-Chair/Chair Elect: Jennifer Johnson, Cargill, Inc.

Past Chair: Greg McCoy, Proctor & Gamble

Secretary: Lauren Dreger, The Winthrop Group/Ford Motor Company

Editor: Dave J. Moore, Carhartt

Vice-Editor/Editor Elect: Emily McNish, Gallagher

Education Chair: Cristina Vignone, Tiffany & Co.

Member-At-Large: Eunice Liu, Wells Fargo

Early Career Member: Heidi Charles

Early Career Member: Taylor Gibson

Early Career Member: Alexandrea Penn

Council Liaison: Steve Booth, Obama Presidential Library


From the Business Archives Section By-Laws (2009)

III. Officers

A. The officers of the Section shall be the Chair, Vice Chair/Chair Elect, Immediate Past Chair, Secretary and a Content Editor.

B. Only members of the Society of American Archivists and of this Section may serve as officers. The Society maintains the list of Section members.

C. At the conclusion of the section annual section meeting, the Chair becomes the immediate Past Chair.

D. At the conclusion of the annual section meeting, the Vice Chair becomes the Chair.

E. Annually, there shall be elected a Vice Chair/Chair Elect who shall succeed the Chair upon completion of the Chair's one year term which concludes at the end of the annual section meeting.

F. The Chair shall preside at all meetings of the Section, be in attendance at all Committee Meetings. In addition, the Chair shall also serve as liaison with the SAA in general, its Council and other Sections, shall appoint committees as the need arises, render the section Annual Report and any other appropriate reports to the Section membership, the Council, and the SAA membership on such matters as deemed pertinent or identified by the officers and relevant committees. The chair calls meetings of the steering committee, sets the agendas for the meeting and directs the overall business of the section.

G. The Vice Chair is Chair Elect and tasked, with the steering committee, to develop a slate of future candidates for the next election, plan the upcoming colloquium and mixer, and, temporarily performs the duties of the chair if the current chair is unable to serve.

H. The Immediate Past Chair provides continuity for the section and serves on the steering committee for a term of one year concluding at the annual section meeting. The Immediate Past Chair shall assume such responsibilities as may be assigned by the current Section Chair .

I. The Secretary shall record the proceedings of the annual meeting, prepare the section Annual Report, prepare minutes of Steering Committee meetings, and perform such other duties as may be assigned by the Chair. In the absence of a duly elected Secretary, the Chair shall appoint a replacement.

J. The Content Editor is responsible for chairing the content committee, preparing, reviewing, and publishing the Section newsletter and section content for the SAA web page. The Content Editor is additionally tasked with preparing the Vice Content Editor/Content Editor elect to assume role of Content Editor. The section chair and content editor will solicit additional content review as appropriate.

1. The Vice Content Editor becomes the Content Editor and an SAA BAS Officer after a one year term.

2. The Content Editor shall appoint a web Site Manager who has demonstrated knowledge of web design and maintenance experience; knowledge of or a willingness to learn about and apply new media; ability to work with SAA IT support; ability to allocate sufficient time to maintaining currency of site.

3. The Content Editor will appoint at least three regional editor volunteers from the membership.

4. The Content Editor calls meetings of the Section Content Committee and sets the agendas for the meeting. The Content Editor and Regional Editors will serve on the Content Committee.

K. Should an officer be unable to complete a term of office, the steering committee will appoint a person to serve the remainder of the term. In the case of the current vice-chair, a permanent replacement will be elected during the annual section business meeting who will become section chair at the conclusion of the annual business meeting.

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