Past Section Chairs

List of past chairs of the Business Archives Section. Chairs are elected as Vice-Chair/Chair Elect before assuming the Chair in the next year. After serving as Chair, individuals become Past Chair for one year.

(Note: The organization listing is for their individual at the time of appointment, thus individuals may not currently be at that organization.)


Last Name  

First Name  


2022-2023 Polirer Sarah Cigna
2021-2022 Richardson Angelique Archdiocese of Atlanta
2020-2021 Johnson Jennifer Cargill, Inc. 
2019-2020 Dahlstrom Neil John Deere
2018-2019 McCoy Greg Procter & Gamble Company
2017-2018 Chin Eric NBCUniversal
2016-2017 Martin Jamie IBM
2015-2016 Jackson Bill Harley-Davidson Motor Company
2014-2015 Booker Jamal The Coca-Cola Company
2013-2014 Hausfeld Steve Nationwide Insurance
2012-2013 Grimwood Scott SSM Health Care 
2011-2012 Watson Sue Kraft Foods Inc.
2010-2011 Pirtle Jeff NBCUniversal
2009-2010 Pitol, CA Scott  The Pampered Chef 
2008-2009 Weber Dean Ford Motor Company
2007-2008 Jahn Tony Target Corporation
2006-2007 Ryan Edward "Ted" The Coca-Cola Company
2005-2006 Barringer Dan State Farm Insurance Company
2004-2005 Simon Leslie CIGNA Corporation
2003-2004 Banducci Laurie Gap, Inc.
2002-2003 Bullington Michael McDonald's Corporation
2000-2001 St. Clair Craig   
  Bruemmer Bruce Cargill Information Center
  Collins Kathleen Bank of America
1999-2000 Dishman Katie Chicago Mercantile Exchange
1997-1998 Fischer Amy Procter & Gamble Company
1996-1997 Rabchuck Gordon "Gord"  Royal Bank of Canada
1995-1996 Holum Johnson Liz  H.B. Fuller Company
1994-1995 Toll Jean General Mill, Inc.
1993-1994 Gietschier Steve The Sporting News
1992-1993 Keiner Hal CIGNA Corporation
1991-1992 Adkins Elizabeth Kraft General Foods, Inc.
1990-1991 Rider Ed Procter & Gamble Company
1989-1990 Rider Ed Procter & Gamble Company
1989-1990 Hunter Greg (note: resigned to become the first President of the Academy of Certified Archivists)
1988-1989 Nokes Jane Scotiabank
1987-1988 Mooney Phil The Coca-Cola Company
1986-1987 Cadigan Laurie  
1985-1986 Benedict Karen Nationwide Insurance Company
1983-1984 Edgerly Linda Winthrop Group 
1982-1983 Edgerly Linda Winthrop Group
1981-1982 Edgerly Linda   Winthrop Group
1980-1981 Edgerly Linda Winthrop Group
  Lovett Robert Business Archives Section Founder


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