Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I join BAS?

A.  First, you need to be a member of SAA.  When you join or renew, you will have the option to join up to two sections and unlimited roundtables.  Simply designate the Business Archives Section as one of your chosen sections.


Q. How do I post to the BAS Listserv?

A.  Upon joining or renewing membership in the Section, you will be automatically added to the BAS Listserv in "Nomail" mode.  To manage your subscription, please visit SAA's Email Discussion Lists Page.  You may also follow listserv discussions through the web interface (must log in with your SAA username and password to access).  The listserv address is


Q. I clicked on the link to Membership Roster but got an "Access denied" message. What happened?

A.  The Official BAS Membership Roster is hosted on SAA's main website, and you must be logged in to your member account to view it.  Even if you have already logged in to view the BAS microsite, you may need to log in again when transferring to the main site, due to security settings.  We apologize for the inconvenience.  SAA's web team is aware of the "double log-in" issue, and have plans to address it when their schedules allow.


If your question wasn't on this list, please contact the editors!

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