BAS Colloquium 2013

The 2013 BAS Colloquium was held August 14, 2013 at SAA’s 77th Annual Meeting in New Orleans, Louisiana. The theme of the colloquium was Advocating for Business Archives and the format was broken down into three sections focusing on advocacy through storytelling, collaboration with IT, and exhibits.

During the first section of the colloquium, attendees were treated by an engaging presentation titled The Power of Storytelling from Shane Meeker (Associate Director and Corporate Storyteller & Historian of The Procter & Gamble Company). Following his presentation, Sue Topp (Motorola Solutions) and Aubrey Carrier (Wells Fargo) provided two scenarios involving an elevator speech situation. Sue provided the “wrong” way and Aubrey followed with the “right” way. After their examples, Aubrey presented tips on crafting the proper executive elevator speech (see attachment). The attendees were then asked to work with their tables and craft their very own executive elevator speech to pitch to Shane, who was acting as the CEO figure. A representative from each table came up and read their pitch in front of Shane and the entire room. Shane picked three finalists and finally a winner was selected of the group. All executive elevator speeches are available for viewing. (see attachment).

The second section of the colloquium focused on collaboration with IT. A panel of four speakers including Nicole LaFlamme (J.M. Smucker), Becky Haglund Tousey (Mondelez International), Mandy Reese (Nationwide Insurance) and Amy Stevenson (Microsoft) presented various archive projects or situations that required collaborative work from their respected IT groups. Focusing on the successful ventures in each scenario, a standard Q&A period followed that was moderated by Eric D. Chin (NBCUniversal).

The final section of the colloquium was a presentation that highlighted a variety of corporate archive exhibits. The BAS Exhibits Showcase was presented by Nicole Thaxton (Caterpillar Inc.) and Steve Hausfeld (Nationwide Insurance) and participants showcased an image of their exhibit or museum space along with information including: the theme, installation location, main audience, one success and one challenge. (see attachment).

Following the colloquium, the BAS had its annual social mixer at Tommy’s Wine Bar.

Thanks for the 70 members that attended and participated this year. We look forward to seeing everyone at the 2014 BAS Colloquium in Washington D.C.

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