2020-12-02 Steering Committee Meeting Minutes

Agenda and Minutes

December 2, 2020



April Feldman (Communications Manager)

Allison Fischbach (Student Member)

Tori Maches (Chair)

Kiera Sullivan (Secretary)

Melissa Wertheimer (Vice-Chair)



Ryder Kouba (Education Coordinator)

Agenda items:

I. News/Questions/Announcements

A. Blog posts - Melissa suggested periodic brainstorming for blog posts so that we can build up a queue. Tori suggested a shared page to collect ideas. Melissa suggested sharing it out with the section. April has already created a page for this on our Google space. The group brainstormed and began adding to the Google doc.

1. ACTION: Kiera will add this to each of our agendas going forward.

2. ACTION: April will share “Blog Content Ideas” Google doc with the section via listserv by Tuesday 12/8/20. Additionally, we will reiterate the call in the next blog post, hoping to receive more ideas for 2021 posts.

II. Business from last meeting

A. Jess Farrell from the Committee on Public Policy will be a guest at our January 6th meeting, do we have any questions for her?

1. Jess will bring discussion points for the meeting, and we can, too.

2. Issues we’d like to see COPP take up on behalf of our session? Melissa suggested putting out a call to section members to see if there is anything we can bring up with COPP on their behalf. Tori noted that could be a good way to see what people’s priorities are after a strange year.

3. ACTION: Include in the same call for blog content ideas (by Tuesday 12/8/20).

B. Section blog - Status of dead/old/redirect links cleanup

1. Ongoing

III. Election survey comments - Discussion and brainstorming document

A. The three comments were:

1. Question about how people with disabilities can get more experience / involvement in the field.

2. Interest in learning about corporate archivists’ web archiving activities / approaches (versus academic or public librarians).

3. Education / problem-solving about web archiving and digital privacy, regulations, security, and navigating the changing regulations landscape around digital and consumer privacy within the context of WA. The content we archive now might fall under those regulations in the future.

B. The group reviewed the brainstorming doc and added a few more ideas.

C. Kiera suggested bringing these comments up at our meeting with Jess Farrell - all the topics have to do with policy. Jess/COPP may have some input or suggestions.

D. Tori suggested reaching out to relevant sections, indicating that section members are interested in these issues; would you like to collaborate on something?

1. Tori can reach out to a contact in the Accessibility and Disability Section.

IV. New Business

A. No new business.