Candidates for the 2023-2024 Web Archiving Steering Committee

Nominees for Vice-Chair

Hope Dunbar, University Archivist, State University of New York at Buffalo

I would like to nominate myself for the position of Vice-Chair/Chair Elect for the SAA Web Archiving Section. I am currently the University Archivist at State University of New York at Buffalo. My role requires me to balance multiple priorities including departmental outreach, advocacy, acquisition, processing, and exhibits. A large part of moving into this role has been balancing physical and digital processing and capture. I feel strongly that born digital materials are likely being lost in smaller institutions due to lack of resources or training to successfully capture webpages, workflows, and document revision in a cloud environment. I believe I can offer the perspective of a larger institution and ways that our practices can apply to smaller institutions and community groups. I look forward to growing and evolving with the Section and hope to play an active leadership role.

Nominees for Student Member

Sandra Campbell, Student East Tennessee State University

I am a returning adult student pursuing the Archival Science Graduate Certificate at East Tennessee State University. In an upcoming semester, I will be taking a digital archives course, so I wanted to start exploring the fascinating world of web archiving. My educational background includes a bachelor’s degree in historic preservation from Southeast Missouri State University. I have always been involved in local history and have managed many activities and outreach projects with historical societies, libraries, and archives of the communities I have lived in. I was recently elected President of the Rutherford County Chapter of the Association for the Preservation of Tennessee Antiquities and am spearheading the efforts to establish a permanent home for the organization's archive. My working career has involved documenting museum collections as well as creating documentation and supporting dictation and transcription systems in the healthcare setting. Currently, I am a full-time employee working with purchasing, accounts payable, vendor management, and inventory control at Middle Tennessee State University. My next goal is to obtain admission to the MSIS program at UT Knoxville with a focus on Archives and Records Management. I look forward to learning from leaders in the web archiving field.

Paige Hartenburg, MA Student, New York University

 Hello SAA Community, My name is Paige Hartenburg, and I am a master’s student in the English department at New York University. I am interested in serving as the student member on the Web Archive steering committee for 2023-2024. As an early academic, my research focuses on fandom archival practices in online spaces, specifically analyzing how the archive responds to challenges in fan culture (for example, content bans and purges, copyright laws, etc.), creating spaces for new forms of community, identity, and creativity. My forthcoming publication “Beyond the Knot: Reparative Fiction and the Omegaverse” (Fix-it-Fic: Challenging the Status Quo through Fan Fiction, Vernon Press: 2023), and upcoming presentation “Queerspiracy: Queerbaiting, Fandom, and Reparative Fiction” (Midwestern Fandom Conference, October 2023) discuss how the archive, specifically Archive of Our Own, is informed by the complex relationship between fans and traditional industries, actively shaping how fan identity is created and maintained within community spaces. As the foundation of community infrastructure, the primary platforms for publication, and communal libraries, fandom archives are unique sites for exploring non-institutional, community-driven archival practices made possible online. My research also covers other fan-related web archives like, LiveJournal, and Wattpad. Informing my research from queer and feminist theories, my interests explore fandom as a representational apparatus for marginalized identities often excluded from mainstream cultural spaces, allowing fandom archives to reflect non-normative identities without necessarily adopting structures that uphold normativity. By participating in this committee, I will not only gain further awareness of the current dialogues surrounding my research but also learn more about the processes that shape how these arguments relate to each other and are presented to larger audiences. Additionally, by developing a fuller understanding of the responsibilities of a working intellectual, I will be able to better define my graduate experience to address aspects of an academic career not found in a traditional classroom setting. Fostering growth in a supportive and educational environment will be immensely helpful in my journey to improve as a writer, community member, and academic. Serving as a student member of the SAA Web Archiving Committee will provide me with foundational experiences that will inform my work as a scholar of digital communities and spaces. Thank you so much for your time, Paige (she/her)

Dellannia Segreti, University of Toronto 

Dellannia Segreti’s interests lie in equitable and accessible pedagogies, with a focus on experiential learning. She received the Dean’s Excellence Award in Experiential Education (2022) and the ItalTheatre Scholarship (2032) in recognition of her participation in Experiential Learning Opportunities during her undergraduate studies. Her work with the FOODWAYS project in archiving relevant historical documents related to the Italian-Canadian food scene in the province of Ontario, Canada, has provided her with relevant archiving experience.

Lizzy Zarate, MA Archives Student/Web Archives Student, New York University

Hi everyone! My name is Lizzy Zarate and I am a current MA student at New York University in the Archives & Public History program. For the last two years, I have been working in NYU Archival Collections Management as the Web Archives Student Assistant, where I complete quality assurance checks on archived websites and implement solutions for more accurate captures. I also work on reparative description for the University's existing web collections; most recently, I revised descriptions to use gender-inclusive language. I am always eager to learn more about how we can better promote inclusivity & diversity in web archives. I am excited for the opportunity to learn from professionals in the web archiving community & represent student perspectives in the Steering Committee.

Vera Zoricic, PhD Student-History, University of Waterloo

Vera Zoricic is a first-year PhD student at the University of Waterloo. She is studying Digital History along with the history of Race, Class, and Imperialism. Vera is also an elementary school teacher and graduate of the Master of Library and Information Science program at Western University. Vera’s doctoral dissertation, under the supervision of Dr. Ian Milligan, focuses on the digitization of the black freedom struggles in Canada and the United States during the twentieth and twenty-first centuries. Vera Is looking forward to acting as a liaison and making meaningful connections with the SAA Web Archiving Section Steering Committee.

Nominees for Communication Manager

Kristi Mukk, Library Innovation Lab, Harvard Law School, User Support Coordinator

Kristi earned her MLIS from Simmons University with a concentration in Archives Management. She currently works at the Library Innovation Lab at Harvard Law School as User Support Coordinator. In this role, Kristi supports, a service developed by the Librarian Innovation Lab that helps prevent link rot by preserving the content of web pages as they existed at the time the link was created. Kristi is interested in open-source web archiving tools that help lower barriers to entry, and learning about the evolving needs and challenges of web archiving. Kristi also has past experience working at the New Bedford Whaling Museum, Smithsonian Institution’s National Museum of American History, and the University of Richmond archives. As a communications professional, Kristi has a keen eye for detail and a passion for storytelling and effective messaging, and she has years of experience maintaining websites, newsletters, blogs, and social media. If elected, Kristi will implement a comprehensive communication strategy that aligns with the mission of the Web Archiving Section and ensures that the Web Archiving Section is an invaluable, go-to resource and welcoming community for web archivists at all stages in their professional journeys.