2021-11-20 Steering Committee Meeting Minutes

Agenda and Minutes 

November 20, 2021


Melissa Wertheimer (Chair)
Susan Paterson (Vice-Chair)
Rosemary Grant (Marketing and Communications Manager)
Amanda Greenwood (Student Member)
Ryder Kouba (Education Coordinator)

Absent: Kiera Sullivan (Secretary) - minutes taken by Ryder Kouba

Agenda items:


Old/Continuing Business

  • Twitter, blog, and listserv updates (Rosie): Twitter has gone well with good engagement and utilizing the #WebarchiveWednesday 
  • Goal to make longer memo on instructions for microsite that oceans up incorrect or obsolete information
  • First blog was posted and Grace Moran has her post ready for December
  • Amanda and Rosemary reached out to various people; Ed Summers will post on new tool for DocNow with a draft for late December/early January (post in January)
  • If any of the steering committee wants to do a blog post (or knows someone who might be interested) send a topic and date to Rosemary
  • Listserv: Rosemary can only post on Web Archives and Main SAA listservs. Workaround can be emailing chairs of various sections to pass messages on
  • Susan offered to email potential contributors while notifying Rosie
  • Potential section collaboration (Melissa)
  • Melissa shared her update in the Performing Arts section newsletter as an example of potential collaboration with other sections
  • Melissa proposed the idea of a coffee chat or guest speakers at the annual meeting to discuss web archives as records management with Federal institutions/colleagues
  • Updates on outreach and education: Ryder will contact people after Thanksgiving for potential coffee chats 

New Business

  • Rosemary told us about the launching the Legacy of Slavery project at the University of Maryland, should the section have any involvement. It was agreed that would be desirable as long as web archiving is involved

  • What is it like to be a vendor and provide support to archivists as a potential blog post

Action Items

  • Melissa will get in touch with the SAA Council liaison to figure out how we can post to other sections
  • Amanda will reach out to Archive-It for the blog. Carl and Raven are the candidates since Amanda has had the most contact with them