Committee on Public Policy

The Committee on Public Policy (COPP) advocates for and demonstrates the value of archives and archivists in public policy by mobilizing members and advising SAA leaders.

Archival records ensure the protection of citizens’ rights, the accountability of organizations and governments, and the accessibility of historical information. Therefore, SAA believes that archivists must take an active role in advocating for the public policies and resources necessary to ensure that these records are preserved and made accessible. As an organization that values social responsibility, the public good, and the completeness of the public record, SAA encourages its members to engage in advocacy as individuals, in accordance with their own values and priorities. The SAA Council and its Committee on Public Policy rely on SAA members to bring forward issues and point out situations affecting the archival record that may require or benefit from SAA input. To suggest that SAA consider taking a position or advocating in some way on an archival issue, please follow the process outlined in “Procedures for Suggesting SAA Advocacy Action."

In its role as advisor to SAA leadership, the Committee on Public Policy provides strategic information to the SAA Council to enhance SAA’s capacity to address public policy issues and concerns affecting archivists, archives, the archival profession, and its stakeholders. The Committee recommends to the SAA Council the public policy priorities on which SAA should focus its attention and resources, within the context of the Society’s mission and strategic plan. Although the Committee's purview is broad, its overarching priorities are issues related to the preservation of and access to records of enduring value that affect archivists, archival institutions, and users of the archival record. The Committee is described in SAA's Governance Manual.

Notes from 2023-2024 Committee meetings, as well as historic meetings notes, work plans and annual reports, are available via this site. Please feel welcome to reach out to the Committee Chair with any questions.

August 2023-August 2024 Committee Roster

  • Brad Houston [2021- 2025] Chair
  • Jess Ferrell [2021 - 2024] Vice-Chair
  • Krista Ferrante [2023 - 2024] Immediate Past Chair
  • Conor Casey, ex officio, SAA Council Liaison
  • Jackie Price Osafo, ex offico, SAA LIaison
  • Anna Trammell, ex officio, COPA Chair
  • Bryan Whitledge, ex offcio, National Coalition of History Liaison
  • Marilyn Creswell [2022 - 2024]
  • Kate Fair [2023 -2026]
  • Gina Nichols [2022 -2025]
  • Dan Noonan [2022 - 2025]
  • Jessica Perkins Smith [2023 - 2026]
  • Lori Schwartz [2022 - 2025]