2022-10-12 Steering Committee Meeting Minutes

Agenda and Minutes
October 13, 2022
Susan Paterson (Chair)
Corinne Chatnik (Vice-Chair)
Allison Fischbach (Secretary)
Sarah Zimmerman (Marketing and Communications Manager)
Amanda Greenwood (Education Coordinator)
Mara Friedman (Student Member)



Agenda items:

Introductions! Name, institution, what you hope to accomplish this year, and a fun fact about yourself (All)
  • Susan - University of British Columbia, goals: keep up momentum from last year!
  • Corinne - Union College, goals:
  • Amanda - Union College, goals: advertising and social media, increase enrollment, highlight new projects and tools
  • Allison - Johns Hopkins, goals: understanding tools and workflows, how other institutions operate
  • Mara - Rutgers University, goals: excited to learn more about web archives!
  • Sarah - Chicago Public Library, goals: learn more about web archives
General section business, responsibilities, and goals for the year:
Section Google Drive folder:
Action Item: Allison will create folders for Blog and Communications 
If you do not have access, contact Susan
Overview of Responsibilities:
Standing Rules | Society of American Archivists
All members should review responsibilities
Governance Manual Handbook: 
Blog and Twitter:
  • Sarah will manage Twitter and the Blog, with support from Amanda
  • Mara will also have opportunity to work with outreach 
  • Action Item: Sarah, Amanda, and Mara will meet separately to define communication strategy
Blog: Web Archiving Section
Twitter: https://twitter.com/WebArch_RT 
  • Action Item: Susan will contact Rosie Grant for Twitter login information to Sarah
  • Action Item: Amanda will contact Sarah for Twitter related information
Set up our monthly meeting:
  • Second Thursday of the month, 10:00 AM PST/1EST (next meeting Nov. 10th)
  • Action Item: Susan will send recurring Zoom link
Old/Continuing Business (From last August)
 Coffee Chats
  • Possible collabs with Ellen Engseth from the Intl Affairs Section and Kimberly Hoffman from the SAA Preservation Section
  • Action Item: Corinne will reach out to Ellen to ask about possibly doing a blog post
  • Ian Milligan, University of Waterloo. Archives Unleashed now working with Internet Archive. Susan has already contacted him and last summer he was willing to participate in a fall coffee chat. 
  • Action Item: Susan will reach out to Ian to assess if he’s available to upcoming coffee chat
  • Amanda recently reviewed The Past Web and can reach out to authors
  • Limit to two (2) Coffee Chats this year
 Annual Meeting Ideas
Adjourned: 2:00 PM EST