Webinar: Sustainability and Cultural Heritage - The State of SAA and the Allied Professions

Jeremy Linden gave a special extended Preservation Week webinar on May 8th, 2 PM E.S.T. (previously scheduled for May 1st)

The last decade has seen a dramatic increase in the advent of sustainable practices throughout the cultural heritage community, ranging from redefined standards and best practices to broadened discussions and understanding of what sustainability means in the context of collecting organizations including archives, museums, and libraries. This webinar will:

·     Outline recent changes to standards and best practices documents in the interest of sustainable preservation practices;

·     Introduce current sustainability activities from among the cultural heritage professional organizations, including AIC, AAM, AASLH, as well as allied professions such as ASHRAE,

·     Discuss broadened, more inclusive understandings of sustainability in cultural heritage (it's not just about being green!)

·     and examine SAA's own current efforts toward understanding sustainability within the profession.

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