2012 Annual Meeting Information

Section Meeting Presentations Available

Scroll to the bottom of this page to find downloadable copies (PDF) of the presentations from this year's section meeting.

Section Meeting: Thursday 8/9, 3:30-5:30, Room Sapphire MN

For the full meeting agenda, click here. Submit a question for the panel in advance--this is a discussion panel! Email them to j.r.waxman@gmail.com. 

This year we have an impressive line up of preservation specialists eager to talk about preservation in the 21st century at our annual conference business meeting. The inspiration for this topic came from hearing a number of discussions taking place around the field of preservation, but not necessarily within the community itself. As Chair, I thought it most appropriate to bring this conversation to the SAA Preservation Section. Our speakers will address eduation, professional resposibility, digital preservation, and new partnerships and collaborations. This conversation will dovetail Session 110 "Partnerships New and Old: Preservation in the 21st Century," where digital archivists and preservation administrators will discuss the place of digital preservation today as realized by archivists, technologists and preservation specialists. (see attachments below for Business meeting opening remarks and slides)

The following speakers have enthusiastically agreed to participate in this panel (see speaker biographies and abstracts attached below):

Michele Cloonan, Professor and former Dean, GSLIS, Simmons College

    "The Pedagogy of Preservation"

Ann Marie Willer, Preservation Librarian, Massachusetts Institute of Technology 

    "Other Duties as Assigned: The Evolving Responsibilities of Preservation Administrators" (see attachment below)

Ian Bogus, MacDonald Curator of Preservation, University of Pennsylvania

    "Digital Preservation: It's More Familiar Than You Think!" (see attachment below)

Karen Gracy, Assistant Professor, SLIS, Kent State

    "Preservation Education: A Research Agenda for the Next Decade and Beyond" (see attachment below)


Buy an Apron to Support the Natural Disaster Recovery Fund for Archives!

At the upcoming Annual Meeting in San Diego, the Preservation Section of SAA will be selling aprons at the registration area on Wednesday and Thursday from 8am-6pm to benefit the National Disaster Recovery Fund for Archives.  Aprons bear the SAA logo and the infamous Archivists Make It Last Longer slogan.  The cost is $20, and available colors are blue and green.   A limited quantity of 100 will be sold--first come, first served! Get them while they last, and support a worthy cause!


Election Results are in!

2012 Slate of Candidates, Biographies

Thank you for participating in the 2012 elections. We had double the amount of member votes compared to last year. Congratulations to our winners:

Gina Minks -- Vice Chair/Chair Elect

Elizabeth Joffrion -- Member at Large

Jane Long -- Nominating Committee 

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